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Simple invisibility cloak from off-the-shelf lenses

Simple invisibility cloak from off-the-shelf lenses

Invisibility cloaks are common in folklore and fiction. The notion of hiding or rendering an object transparent strikes the fancy of many, especially writers. In J.K.Rowling’s book “The Tales of Beedle theBard,” one of the three brothers escaped Death by putting on an invisibility cloak that was given by Death himself. The cloak was passed down through generations until it reached the hands of Harry Potter who eventually defeated Voldemort with the help of the same cloak. Even scientists are intrigued by the concept of invisibility. For many years, they have proposed, developed and mounted different optical systems to achieve […]

Call for Papers for HanPil: Studies on Korea and the Philippines

HanPil: Studies on Korea and the Philippines is a refereed journal in English published by the Korea Research Center, University of the Philippines. It started as “HanPil: Occasional Paper Series on Korea and the Philippines” that served as repository of the Center’s research outputs from 2015 to 2018. Now a full-fledged academic journal, HanPil aims to foster interest in Korea-related research among Filipino Koreanists and promote the scholarly exchange of ideas in and outside of the Philippines. In its maiden issue as a peer-reviewed journal, HanPil invites potential authors from various fields to contribute manuscripts that touch upon issues on […]

Journal articles with the International Publication Award (2019)

Other lists: | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 |  MARCH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The sponge Gelliodes obtusa and its microbes are resilient to eutrophic stress SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The average performance of a horizontal axis wind turbine goes down in unsteady flows SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Electrocoagulation can treat wastewater containing pharmaceutical active compounds SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A low-cost photometer based on microcontroller and a chemiluminescence method for determining pesticide chlorpyrifos were developed SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: There is a high incidence of antibiotic resistance among pregnant women with urinary tract infection SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Increase in parental stress levels slightly decreases visual immediate memory and learning […]

IPA Recipients for January 2019

IPA Recipients for January 2019

Judy Celine Ick Department of English and Comparative Literature College of Arts and Letters UP Diliman “The Forests of Silence: Global Shakespeare in the Philippines, the Philippines in Global Shakespeare,” Shakespeare Survey 71, 26-34. To use the term “global” alongside “Shakespeare” is just too delicious a temptation for most academics and artists to pass up. The conjuring of the Shakespearean ground zero, of its point of artistic origin, and the simultaneous invocation of its contemporary world-wide influence makes the phrase “global Shakespeare” almost too good to be true. Just how does Shakespeare exist in the production of Global Shakespeare? How […]

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