The collaboration between UP and French group Ecotone Resilience

The collaboration between UP and French group Ecotone Resilience

In November 2015, researchers from Ecotone Resilience (ER), a Paris-based non-government organization, visited Abra de Ilog in Occidental Mindoro. Their mission was to look at the study site of a program funded by the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research (EIDR) grant of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The research started three years earlier, under the leadership of Professor Helen T. Yap of the Marine Science Institute in UP Diliman. Called “Social-Ecological Resilience on Different Spatial and Temporal Scales (Emphasis on the Coast),” the program seeks to better understand, using a complex systems approach, the dynamics of local communities in selected coastal areas of […]

OVPAA End of Term Report, 2011 to 2017

Executive Summary The OVPAA takes the lead in implementing the university’s first strategic thrust which is to pursue academic excellence, through its various programs that were initiated or enhanced to benefit members of the academic community (students, faculty, REPS, administrative staff, retired academic staff), improve the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate education (degree programs, curriculum and pedagogy), create a culture of research, creativity and innovation, to increase scholarly output and research productivity as the basis for pursuing knowledge-based public service. Under the leadership of VPAA Gisela Concepcion, the OVPAA programs grew significantly in the last six years (10 February 2011 […]

IPA Recipients for February 2017

Plan view images of the AgZ-Ch composites observed from the optical microscope (magnication: 200x and scale: 0.2 mm): (a) 0% AgZ-Ch, (b) 0.5% AgZ-Ch, (c) 1.0% AgZ-Ch, (d) 1.5% AgZ-Ch and (e) 2.0% AgZ-Ch.

Katrina Lois M. Taaca and Magdaleno R. Vasquez Jr. Department of Mining Metallurgical and Materials Engineering College of Engineering UP Diliman Fabrication of Ag-Exchanged Zeolite/Chitosan Composites and Effects of Plasma Treatment. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 241: 383–391, 15 March 2017.  Catchy title of research: Biocompatible and biodegradable composites for biomedical applications Zeolites are minerals that can occur naturally. In the Philippines, these minerals are mined. Zeolites find a lot of applications in different fields such as catalysis, adsorption, and ion exchangers. One property of zeolite is that it can be used to host different atoms such as silver. Since silver has […]

Academic Framework

Academic Framework

Framework last modified: 6 February 2017

Preview of “Sound Tenderness: Music of the Non-violent Palawanun Society in Southern Philippines”

Preview of "Sound Tenderness: Music of the Non-violent Palawanun Society in Southern Philippines"

A video documentary produced and directed by Dr. Jose S. Buenconsejo, dean of the College of Music, will be previewed on 23 February 2017, 6:00 p.m., at the Abelardo Hall Auditorium. Dubbed “Sound Tenderness: Music of the Non-violent Palawanun Society in Southern Philippines,” it resonates with the message of respect for cultural differences and appreciation for the resilience of the music of the marginalized groups in Philippines, values for which the College of Music stands. The film was funded by the National Research Council of the Philippines. Admission is free. Below is the gist of the documentary: Non-violent society is […]

Symposium on Transcultural Philippine Music

Symposium on Transcultural Philippine Music

A half-day symposium on the roots of transcultural Philippine literature and music, particularly focused on popular Filipino culture as emergent to Philippine alternative modernities, will be held on 17 February 2017, 1-4 p.m. Papers by distinguished Filipino intellectuals Dr. Epifanio San Juan Jr., UP Professor Emeritus Steve Villaruz, Dr. Elizabeth Enriquez and Dr. Maria Rhodora Ancheta will tackle issues pertinent to vernacular literature, to the folk dance canon built by Francesca Reyes Aquino, radio songs, and on Katy de la Cruz’s bodabil songs, respectively. Papers by Prof. Villaruz, and Drs. Enriquez and Ancheta will be annotated with dance and music […]

About the Website

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA) website features the academic and research programs of the University of the Philippines System and provides information on curriculum, research and other academic matters, announcements of grants, awards and other academic events. We hope that through the OVPAA website, we can make the dissemination of academic information to each UP constituent more uniform and efficient. It will provide downloadable forms and online submissions, and it will continue to evolve as we move towards our vision for a One UP! Prof. Gisela Padilla-Concepcion, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs

Retired professors and professors emeriti to continue service in teaching, mentoring and admin

The UP Board of Regents (BOR) in its 1321st meeting on 27 October 2016 has given the green light to increase and extend the involvement of retired professors and professors emeriti in teaching, mentoring, research, creative work and administrative work in the university. With this approval, retired professors and professors emeriti may already serve as co-advisers, readers or panel members for master’s theses and PhD dissertations, and hold positions as professorial administrators and professorial K11-12 teacher trainers. They may also be appointed professorial researchers of UP-funded programs such as OVPAA’s Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program or of externally funded projects. The Office of […]

UP Videos

Video produced in 2012. With sincere thanks to Prof. Antoinette Bass Hernandez and Marie Ramona Virginia Alfon for their significant contributions to the project. Kindly take note of the following errata: At Original text Correction 4:53 Prof. Rey Ibora, Ph.D. Prof. Rey Ebora, Ph.D. 10:41 National Chemistry Institute National Institute of Physics 11:18 UP College of Engineering National Institute of Physics 13:44 Institute of Microbiology National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 15:42 Marine Science Institute UP Baguio 16:59    “Chancellor, UP Diliman and” should not have been there 18:23 Philippine General Hospital National Institutes of Health 19:49 National Institute of […]

Two silver wins for UP in Reimagine Education Awards

Two silver wins for UP in Reimagine Education Awards

UP Diliman took two silver awards at the third annual Reimagine Education Awards for its entry HIRIT or Higher education Institutional Readiness for Innovation and Technopreneurship. HIRIT is a course designed by Dr. Luis Sison of the College of Engineering to help students accelerate technology translation and startup formation. It teaches basic tools and skills for identifying and pursuing market opportunities, and gives students the chance to network with, and pitch to, technopreneurs, investors, and industry partners worldwide. The MS-level course, which also won for Sison the UP Gawad Pangulo for Progressive Teaching and Learning last year, received a silver in the Teaching Delivery category […]