IPA Recipients for May 2017

Photo 1. Bonding (positive) and antibonding (negative) contributions for CO adsorption on (a) top site of Pd atom of Pd3Au surface, (b) hollow site of Pd3Au surface, and (c) hollow site of Pd surface. The plot is generated using crystal orbital overlap population (COOP) analysis. (JPSJ 86, 044712 (2017)

Susan T. Bacud, Virginia R. Cardenas* and Luis Rey I. Velasco Crop Science Cluster College of Agriculture Institute for Governance and Rural Development * College of Public Affairs UP Los Baños “Constructivist Research Method: Understanding the Resilience of a Marginalized Sampaguita Growing Community in the Philippines” in SAGE Research Methods Cases. Bronia Flett (editor). London: SAGE Publication Ltd., 2017 ________________________________________ Allan Abraham B. Padama Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics College of Arts and Sciences UP Los Baños CO Adsorption on (110)-(1 × 2) Missing-Row Reconstructed Surfaces of Pd, Au, and Pd3Au: Electronic Structures and Vibrational Frequencies. Journal of the Physical Society […]

UP’s discovery of the rare giant shipworm and the mystery it solved

UP's discovery of the rare giant shipworm and the mystery it solved

For centuries, the giant shipworm remained an enigmatic bivalve species–until scientists, including those from the UP Marine Science Institute, recently found a group of it burrowed in the black marine sediments of Sultan Kudarat. Named Kuphus polythalamia, the rare animal belongs to the common wood-boring, wood-feeding bivalve family Teredinidae. The family is composed of clams with long, soft bodies such as the tamiloks of Palawan and Aklan. But the giant shipworm stands out from the rest of its kind. First of all, it has an unusual body that may grow up to 155 cm in length and 6 cm in diameter, […]

CHED-CBIE Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Canada

The CHED-CBIE Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Canada is a scholarship program designed for faculty and non-teaching staff of Philippine higher education institutions (HEIs). This program will bring twenty Filipino scholars to Canada to pursue further studies in Canadian institutions starting September 2017. Interested applicants can choose between studying one-year master’s degree programs or a PhD sandwich program with the degree granted by an institution in the Philippines. The program is entirely funded by the Commission on Higher Education, which has entrusted the management of the program to the Canadian Bureau for International Education. Objective The objective of the CHED-CBIE Scholarship […]

Southeast Asian lit, music and dance inspire UP’s latest Komedya

Southeast Asian lit, music and dance inspire UP's latest Komedya

Putri Anak is a new Komedya produced by the UP College of Music and the UP Center for International Studies that explores Filipino pre-colonial and colonial heritage through oral literature, music and the San Dionisio Komedya performance tradition. Named after the heroine around whom the three-act play revolves, it features a composite text from a narrative common among Southeast Asian cultures–the celestial maiden, a half-woman, half-bird being who was deceived by a mortal. Putri Anak (or Princess Child) is based on a Maguindanaoan variant of the celestial maiden story about King Sulaymon’s son and Putri Anak. It is a fictional account […]

CHED program for potential leaders of SUCs now open for applications

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is pleased to announce the opening for applications to the 2017 Philippine Higher Education Career System Executive Development Program (Phil-HECS EDP). The EDP is among the key features of the Phil-HECS, a system envisioned to recruit, select, and develop senior executives in the Philippine higher education sector based on merit. The program aims to prepare candidates for the unique demands of leading a state university and college (SUC). It will also serve as a venue for these candidates to dialogue with other participants, to discuss critical issues in higher education, and to be developed […]

IPA Recipients for April 2017

IPA Recipients for April 2017

Lanndon Ocampo School of Management UP Cebu The Impact of Firm Size in the Formulation of Sustainable Manufacturing Strategy Infrastructural Decisions Under Uncertainty. International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering, 7 (2): 1-18, April-June 2017. Catchy title of research: When firm size is considered, what is the form of a sustainable manufacturing strategy? Developing a strategy that addresses the demands of sustainability along with the competitiveness of manufacturing decisions requires a synergistic approach that combines the classical concepts of manufacturing strategy and the emerging issues of sustainability. These concepts and issues are highly vague and uncertain when decision-makers are required […]

Mega journal places UP paper on slowing down light in top 100

Mega journal Scientific Reports named the paper of UP Diliman scientists, which showed that light could be slowed down, one of its 100 most-read articles in 2016. While modern physics tells us that the speed of light remains the same in a vacuum, physicists around the world have been exploring the possibility that it is not so. In “Subluminal Group Velocity and Dispersion of Laguerre Gauss Beams in Free Space,” Dr. Nathaniel Hermosa and Nestor Bareza of the National Institute of Physics theoretically proved that the speed of light could be changed by letting light “twist” as it travels through space. By doing […]

Paper of UP physicist is one of last year’s best, says international journal

Paper of UP physicist is one of last year's best, says international journal

The paper of a UP theoretical physicist was one of the best scientific articles of 2016, according to peer-reviewed journal Europhysics Letters. “Internal One Degree of Freedom Is Sufficient to Induce Exact Coherence,” authored by Professor Eric Galapon of the UP Diliman National Institute of Physics, proves that there is a measurement scheme that decoheres without the help of an environment. In current quantum orthodoxy, the measuring instrument is believed to be immersed in an environment and that it is the interaction between the environment and the meter that enforces decoherence.  However, by giving the measuring instrument an internal degree of […]

NASA scientist demonstrates use of satellite data in lake water monitoring

NASA scientist demonstrates use of satellite data in lake water monitoring

How can remotely sensed data be used to interpret and monitor the level of pollution in Laguna de Bay? This was one of the questions that Dr. Josefino Comiso, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) senior scientist, answered in his lecture on 13 February 2017 at the College of Arts and Sciences in UP Los Baños. Dr. Comiso, who is also a UP visiting professor, talked about NASA’s various satellites that had been launched for different purposes, particularly for gathering images of the Earth and other planets. NASA collects and processes a variety of satellite data and makes them available for public […]

Bautista takes oath as VP for Academic Affairs

Bautista takes oath as VP for Academic Affairs

Dr. Maria Cynthia Rose Bautista took her oath of office as UP Vice President for Academic Affairs earlier today, 16 March 2017. The oath was administered to the former commissioner of the Commission on Higher Education by UP President Danilo Concepcion.  Bautista is a professor of sociology and a former dean of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy of UP Diliman. She led the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies for eight years, from 1992 to 2000, making her the longest-serving executive director of the university’s research arm. She was part of the advisory or governing boards of organizations such as the […]