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MAY 2017

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Protein profiles of two inbred mouse strains were studied and compared to understand molecular differences in susceptibility to dioxin

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Monomodal island size distribution is attributed to enhanced nucleation and aggregation, and monotonically decreasing distribution to restricted aggregation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Should health systems invest more in access to care by expanding insurance coverage or in health care services including improving the quality of care?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Manganese-doping in GaAs can result to increased terahertz emission

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The adsorption of CO on reconstructed PdAu surface strongly depends on the type of metal atom to which it interacts, and on its position on the reconstructed surface

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: An automated system for tomato classification based on artificial neural networks and trained using the artificial bee colony algorithm has higher accuracy rate

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Abdomen looseness is an accurate sexual maturity indicator in male mud crabs

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A study of the intrinsic, algebraic properties of the Chemical Reaction Network Theory reveals novel network and kinetic properties little studied in the theory

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Quantitative participatory methods and participatory numbers foster dialogue between stakeholders who seldom directly engage with each other

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: In the Meycauayan-Marilao-Obando River System, there are disparities in the level of awareness and actual level of implementation of functions between the water quality governing board and the local government unit