Journal articles with the International Publication Award (2018)

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MARCH 2018

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The degradation of radiation grafted anion exchange membrane is not only due to the removal of the functional head group but also to the loss of the benzyl group

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Transnational mobilities are negotiated in the lives of suburban residents

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Whether as first time visitors, repeat visitors or local residents, people generally value urban forests for leisure

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Eleusine indica leaves can be a new source of anti-hypertension drugs

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: Transformative learning is the key to embedding organizational identity in culture through a deep and conviction-based understanding and assimilation of identity

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Cutting drill cores and using slabs for texture analysis provides more intact textural features of the ore both at micro and mesoscale

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: The Philippine judiciary has lately taken upon itself the task of enforcing environmental laws, a duty ordinarily associated with the executive branch


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Calcium phosphate salts were recovered as brushite with the help of a novel fluidized-bed homogeneous crystallization process

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: Decreasing marginal impatience can be consistent with both a negative and positive long-run inflation-growth nexus

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: Organizational commitment has a huge impact on organizational citizenship behavior in employees

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: How is the Philippines represented in the Hollywood giant monster films Pacific Rim and Godzilla?

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: The metrical romance on the life of the folk hero Juan Tamad contains complex opposing viewpoints and dispositions concerning colonialism

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Did leopards become extinct in Sumatra because of competition for prey?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A cache-aware approach can improve the performance of a transport protocol during high levels of packet losses in the network

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Small aromatic compounds from mabolo are promising motifs for biopesticides


MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: If the earth were to become a city, or a city cover the earth, what would it be like?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Roughly seven percent of student respondents from Metro Manila admit to having a drinking problem

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Mediocre irrigation service and overall system performance of national irrigation systems result from inconsistency in the system designs, lack of or poorly performing flow control structures, drought-vulnerable main water diversion structures and tropical cyclone-related damages

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The farmer damselfish is versatile in its choice of cultivation substrate and is able to maintain turf algae on giant clam shell

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: For the handline tuna industry, the higher prices associated with capturing the mature tuna alone encourage sustainable practices

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The Web-GIS tool developed by the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (Project NOAH) can be replicated in countries that have a proactive approach to address the impact of natural hazards but lack sufficient funds

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Dissection and extreme erosion of the Philippine Mobile Belt is interpreted to have occurred during the Middle to Late Miocene period due to the thickness of Klondyke sandstones (3000 m) in Baguio

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A study of ophiolites in the Philippines suggests the possible existence of an extinct crust called the proto-Philippine Sea Plate

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Adakite formation may not always be controlled by processes previously proposed such as magmatism involving a young hot slab or a thickened crust

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Pyrodinium bahamense, a phytoplankton that causes paralytic shellfish poisoning, can be a bioindicator of heavy metal pollution

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Biomimetic polymers inspired from naturally occurring polymers can be used to generate materials with interesting properties

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Two new mite species belonging to the superfamily Trizetoidea were discovered, namely, Eurhynchoribates nuevavizcayaensis Ermilov & Corpuz-Raros of the family Rhynchoribatidae, and Suctobelbila trifasciata Ermilov and Corpuz-Raros of the family Suctobelbidae

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A new method called Mutual Kernel Matrix Completion algorithm which tackles the problem of mutually inferring the missing entries of multiple kernel matrices by combining the notions of data fusion and kernel matrix completion is applied on biological data sets

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This paper presents the first record of polyctenid bugs in Southern Luzon, collected from Lesser false vampire bat (Megaderma spasma) in Batan Island, Albay

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Eight species of oribatid mites and the family Licnodamaeidae are recorded in the Philippines for the first time while three species and the genus Hexachaetoniella are recorded in the Oriental region for the first time

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This study aims to illustrate the contribution of the function of dopamine, a neurotransmitter found in the striatum in th brain, in X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The presence of TEM and CTX-M genes even in non-extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing E. coli suggests that detection of ESBL associated genes may be missed using the conventional phenotypic approach

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The older Daram Formation in Samar has more sediments belonging to the upper section of the Samar Ophiolite while the younger Catbalogan Formation has a higher percentage of the lower sections of the ophiolite

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This study investigated how a virus, specifically the Langat virus related to tick-borne encephalitis, is maintained within the H. longicornis tick after introduction by anal pore microinjection

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: The paper recommends three legislative reforms to remedy the lack of legal protection of contractor’s employees from economic dismissals and erosion of decent working conditions

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Of the 10 species of foliose Philippine Bangiales that appeared in the literature, only two names were confirmed– Pyropia acanthophora and Pyropia tanegashimensis–while four species need to be re-evaluated–Porphyra atropurpurea, Porphyra marcosii, Pyropia denticulata and Pyropia suborbiculata

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Full, empirical and completed research studies made by Filipino speech language pathologists in the country from 1978 to 2015 were gathered for the first time

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Can overcharging occur in higher-dimensional black holes?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The cancellation technique which is known as the method of differences is employed to establish analytically the closed-form solutions of some systems of nonlinear difference equation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Why is there an abundance of tree species and trees in tropical forests?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The hardening of Pullman type white breads with 10% and 20% Yudane dough decreased with higher storage temperature