Journal articles with the International Publication Award


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Drywood termites prefer Moluccan sau the most and eucalyptus the least

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Because bulk ZnO single crystals can resist and recover from ion irradiation, they can be used for radiation detectors inside future fusion reactors

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The placental characteristics of cattle, which like humans carry their embryo for nine months, were studied

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Minkowski functional and cluster analysis can detect percolating channels or fluid traps in plasma-etched surfaces

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Some reefs in Samar were completely damaged and wiped-out by super typhoon Yolanda

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Critical thinking can be taught more effectively by reconsidering the taxonomy of learning objectives and pushing for critical pedagogy

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Foreign assistance boosts a country’s health spending

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Mangroves are potential sources of active compounds that can inhibit the overproduction of melanin

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Liver flukes are good bioaccumulators and bioindicators of environmental pollution

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Genomic selection promises a more efficient way of improving quantitative traits in crop plants


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: In this first-ever transect study of the ants of Mt. Hamiguitan, 122 species of ants belonging to 51 genera and 8 subfamilies in the Family Formicidae were identified,with at least two species new to science

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study identifies three new species of Begonia sect. Baryandra from Panay Island, Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Brain injury in a baby mouse was stimulated without directly touching the fetal body; the fetal brains were monitored in real time by ultrasound imaging

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Nickel oxide and Yttria-stabilized zirconia (NiO/YSZ) composite was synthesized via a modified glycine-nitrate combustion process

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Response Surface Methodology can optimize the synthesis of polymer-based graphene oxide nanocomposites for the simultaneous removal of cationic and anionic heavy metal contaminants

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: Told in a series of snippets, the story revolves around lovers Becca and Macky, and their struggle to find time for their relationship in the midst of increasingly difficult career demands

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The aggregated arrangement of palladium atoms in palladium-copper in the presence of adsorbates is not only dictated by the reactivity of palladium but also by the electronic and geometric structures of the molecules on the surface

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Based on the syllabi of the Development Communication program of UP Los Banos, it is argued that the content of the syllabi could either be pro-development process or pro-participation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The analysis of covariance model was used to investigate the effects of sampling sites, season, and the different easily measurable physicochemical parameters on mean fecal streptococci count in Iloilo River over time

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Impressed Voltage Test (IVT) and gravimetric method were used to measure the effect of corrosion on the reinforcement of concrete

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: The study aims to analyze the patterns or trends of land use changes in an urbanizing segment in Laguna with the creation and implementation of the ASEAN Economic Cooperation and ASEAN Integration

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The research group worked on novel absorbent materials, called FAP ionic liquids, which can dissolve carbon dioxide in industrial stacks better than other commercially-available ionic liquids


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Can we factor out a matrix A as a product of an orthogonal and a skew symmetric matrix, or as a product of a symplectic and a Hamiltonian matrix?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study uncovers an important link to a disease which when left unchecked could be devastating to wheat

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: Human brand identities are co-created by multiple stakeholder-actors who have resources and incentives in the activities that make up an enterprise of a human brand

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: What are the effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, a therapeutic approach incorporating the use of manual contact, resistance, high repetitions and goal-oriented activities, on the strength, balance and mobility of a 69 year old male who had a stroke 17 years ago?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The high resistance to antimicrobials detected in pigs is alarming because these are the same drugs used for the treatment of serious human infections

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Two new species of relatively rare families of Philippine oribatid mites were discovered

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Two A three-year quarantine and disease screening method was developed to safeguard the local sugarcane industry from unwanted diseases

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study investigated the hematological, histopathological and post-mortem conditions of two whales, the Blainville’s beaked whale and the dwarf sperm whale, found stranded in Davao City, Philippines in 2014

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Colorimetric demonstration using pH indicators in illustrating the acidic or basic nature of common amphiprotic anions in aqueous solutions is a feasible classroom activity suitable for senior high school or undergraduate students

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study describes the impact of Typhoon Haiyan on health services delivery capacity and the factors instrumental in the resilience of the case hospitals in the Philippines


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Nearly 1 billion people still smoke daily

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: There is a global decline in deaths among children and adolescents but the progress is uneven

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Malaysians and Indonesians are the most homophobic in Southeast Asia

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Local giant media corporations staged a grand “media event” that nationally mediatized and publicly magnified the celebrity status of Pope Francis, the so-called “rock star Pope”

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: In Cuyo Island, the herbivorous C. fluctuata consumes autotrophs such as macrobenthic marine plants and algae whereas P. mammilla may derive carbon from epiphytes and phytoplankton via their bivalve prey

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study aims to determine and compare the puddling performance of three designs of tilling wheel for float-assisted tiller

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: While the A. digitifera bacterial community structure appears resilient to higher temperature, prolonged exposure and intensified stress results in changes in the abundance of specific microbial community members that may affect the overall metabolic state and health of the coral holobion

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: New age dating from siliceous nannofossils of the Zambales Ophiolite Complex reveals an older age which is Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Salmonella enterica strains with higher virulence and economic and clinical importance are present in meat products sold in Metro Manila wet markets

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The use of ultraviolet-C irradiation in inactivating bacteria in human breast milk does not destroy the bioactive components of the milk

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: One potential non-thermal method to decontaminate liquid egg whites is ultraviolet-C irradiation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The farmlots being cultivated by smallholder farmers in the Philippines and Indonesia contribute to biodiversity conservation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A nanocomposite coating composed of rubber-modified PBZ and SiO2 nanoparticles has excellent protection property against corrosion attack even after prolonged exposure

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A rubber-modified polymer material offers better balance of properties and can be a commercially successful product

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Coatings with different PANI loadings were shown to be more effective in providing corrosion protection than the neat polybenzoxazine/rubber coating

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Interviews show that the diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia is not kept secret within the family and is openly shared with members

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Gemini surfactant expands on calcium ion binding

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This study introduces the response of Polyaniline, a conducting polymer, from doping, annealing, compression pressure and composition

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Carbon nanofibers and nanocapsules are developed from a plant oil through a process that reduce environmental and human health risks and total production costs

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This study is the first to provide baseline information on Cryptosporidium contamination of Manila Bay where bivalves are commonly cultured

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: Financial Conditions Indexes for Asia successfully capture important episodes in each economy’s financial history but only the indexes of financially advanced economies Japan and Singapore have sufficient forecasting power to predict output growth and inflation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: How does a nanotransistor respond to dynamic external effects such as a time-varying gate potential?


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Cache-based transport protocols in wireless sensor networks can improve network performance but will add complexity to the protocols

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: The first six months of the Duterte administration is not without its share of issues and controversies

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study looks at the effect of additives on acid-free, low metal ion concentration for Copper electrodeposition

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A cardiovascular-respiratory system model is used to obtain an optimal control for time-dependent ergometric workloads by using the Euler-Lagrange formulation of the optimal control problem

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The established predictive model in this study can estimate the effect of the intrinsic property of juice (soluble solid), extrinsic property (temperature and time) in the International de l’Eclairage (CIE) color space coordinates, and derived color parameters in grapefruit juice

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Pharmaceuticals are removed from wastewater using intermittent electrocoagulation

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: The first-ever global study on healthcare access finds massive health care inequity among and within countries, and concludes people are dying from causes with well-known treatments

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Health spending is likely to increase rapidly in high-income countries, while low-income countries, where it is needed the most, are expected to see relatively slow growth

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Despite substantial global reduction in diarrhea deaths, half a million children still die from diseases each year

JULY 2017

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: In terms of streamflow simulation, the radar-based quantitative precipitation estimate is as good as — or even better than — the gauge-only product

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Moral bioenhancement is not necessarily equivalent to moral enhancement

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: When an aircraft is en-route and an airport congestion is known, what is the best air traffic flow management action?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Governance of the Sampaloc Lake, Pandin Lake, and Tadlac Lake is collaborative but centralized

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: High-quality superconducting films which can be used for various devices were produced using an inexpensive tabletop set-up

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Study examines the Philippines’ first report of infection from Babesia vogeli, a tick-borne pathogen that is found in the blood of dogs

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Identifying similarities between food science and pharmacokinetics can elevate the use of nutraceuticals from ethnic and traditional to pharmacological

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Alternate wetting and drying helps rice farmers cope with water scarcity by reducing irrigation water by 30 percent without compromising rice yield

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Aging cells also contribute to embryo development and childbirth

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Small RNAs play a big role in coral stress response

JUNE 2017

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The properties of silicon carbide nanotubes were modified computationally by putting Ca atom

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Cyano substituted P3HT is a good polymer blend candidate for organic solar cells

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The Philippine plant Premnaodorata can be an alternative source of preservative with both antimicrobial and antioxidant efficacy

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Corn-based cropping systems increase carbon storage for mitigation of climate change

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A new type of geochemical mapping of the of the Mount Pinatubo-Dizon Mine area, that considers environmental risk and the assessment of potential mineral resources, was made

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Climate change has aggravated the everyday and invisible risks of children in poor households

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Mountain ranges enhances rainfall in the leeward side of the mountain (or behind the mountain) depending on the storm direction

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Simple Sequence Repeats markers were used to determine the genetic relationship among 20 eggplant accessions known to have varying responses to drought

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Formal Concept Analysis which can be easily adapted, modified, and automated for both data and marine scientist, leads to similar findings as those of traditional coral assessment

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: While native chicken meat has the potential to be a healthy substitute to commercial broiler, the latter has better processing potential

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Settled dust in public school classrooms in Metro Manila have the fungi Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Penicillium

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Andrographis pinaculata, locally known as serpentina, can be a potential herbal drug for ulcer

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Dried and pulverized unripe calamansi can remove the toxic components of wastewater such as heavy metals and dyes

MAY 2017

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Protein profiles of two inbred mouse strains were studied and compared to understand molecular differences in susceptibility to dioxin

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Monomodal island size distribution is attributed to enhanced nucleation and aggregation, and monotonically decreasing distribution to restricted aggregation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Should health systems invest more in access to care by expanding insurance coverage or in health care services including improving the quality of care?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Manganese-doping in GaAs can result to increased terahertz emission

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The adsorption of CO on reconstructed PdAu surface strongly depends on the type of metal atom to which it interacts, and on its position on the reconstructed surface

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: An automated system for tomato classification based on artificial neural networks and trained using the artificial bee colony algorithm has higher accuracy rate

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Abdomen looseness is an accurate sexual maturity indicator in male mud crabs

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A study of the intrinsic, algebraic properties of the Chemical Reaction Network Theory reveals novel network and kinetic properties little studied in the theory

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Quantitative participatory methods and participatory numbers foster dialogue between stakeholders who seldom directly engage with each other

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: In the Meycauayan-Marilao-Obando River System, there are disparities in the level of awareness and actual level of implementation of functions between the water quality governing board and the local government unit

APRIL 2017

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: When firm size is considered, what is the form of a sustainable manufacturing strategy?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Continuous logical modelling verifies the role of antioxidants in the closure mechanism and the diminished closure level of stomata with combined ABA-ET stimulus

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Hot boiling water was used to engineer the size and shape of zinc oxide thin film produced from vacuum deposited zinc film

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: ZnO microrods fabricated by a simple hydrothermal growth route exhibit intense ultraviolet emission and a very fast average lifetime

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A cheap and easy method to enhance the emission of SI-GaAs was developed

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: Agricultural households in rural Philippines depend on their networks of family and friends to partially insure their consumption

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Prevalent mutation within an indigenous Filipino population increases the risk for any form of otitis media by almost four-fold

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study introduces a new method called Enclosed Anaesthetic Station Vacuuming for sampling fish species that are ‘hard to spot’ due to their morphological traits and behavioral habits

MARCH 2017

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Variations in the petrological and geochemical signatures of the xenoliths from Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Iraya indicate two agents involved during metasomatism

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Gene expression analysis through PCR shows that HEdefensin was upregulated during blood feeding

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study tackles the problem of making sense of the interchange between operations of integration and summation when the necessary uniformity conditions are not met for the specific case of the Steiltjes transform

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A simple method of growing various zinc oxide nanostructures on surface of zinc foil is proposed using boiling water

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A method called sedimentation deposition technique is used to grow various zinc oxide nanostructures on surface of zinc foil using boiling water

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Plants have stable bacterial diversity composition regardless of the room climatic condition

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This perspective offers insight into rethinking the way modifiers can facilitate crystallization through which materials grow

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Genetics and the environment contribute to the high occurrence of otitis media in an indigenous community in central Cordillera

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Model simulations of five-year coral cover trajectories show that a dynamite-blasted, back-reef site can benefit from coral transplantation

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Knowledge of hazards and social relations explain people’s refusal to leave their homes during Typhoon Yolanda

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: The scientific undertakings of the Observatorio Meteorológico de Manila brought about major changes on the status and development of meteorology as a science in the Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The mineralization of the recently discovered Shazigou Mo-W-Pb-Zn (molybdenum-tungsten-lead-zinc) polymetallic ore field in the North China Craton took place approximately 245 million years ago and could be linked to the subduction of the Paleo-Asian Ocean

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Porous silicon is a good candidate for THz technology since its surface area can be easily tuned, and is relatively inexpensive and easy to produce

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The genetic population structure of the planktonic shrimp Lucifer hansei in the Indo-Malayan Archipelago encompassing Andaman Sea, Malacca Strait, Gulf of Thailand, Borneo Island, Philippines (collectively called TMP) is characterized by high genetic diversity centered in the TMP area suggesting high opportunity of developing a new species of this species

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Wind turbines have higher energy capture at higher wind fluctuation frequencies

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) intake reduces oxidative stress in obese diabetic (db/db) mice

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Increasing the amount of potassium ferricyanide as dopant or the duration of calcination red-shifted the UV–vis DRS of the doped TiO2 (db/db) mice

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The discovery of polymorphisms correlates with Vitamin D deficiency among post-menopausal Filipino women

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The H2 production of sphaeroides KCTC 1434 shows the highest SCE and H2 yield in butyrate and propionate under Ar headspace


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Silver-zeolite dispersed in chitosan matrix creates a biocompatible material with antibacterial property

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: household size, education, experience in fishing, the type of buyer, and effort days per fishing trip affect the municipal fishers’ adoption and non-adoption of sustainable tuna fishing practices

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Cellular senescence is also important in proper fetal development

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The degradation of the OH- exchanged membrane stored in deionised water is not only due to the removal of the functional head group but also to the loss of the benzyl group

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A Silicon Germanium based heterorjunction bipolar phototransistor is fabricated using a commercial SiGe bipolar integrated circuit process technology

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Community trials validated that ocean-based systems to optimize production potentials and enhance sustainability can be readily adopted by small-scale fishers

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Carbon monoxide undergoes dissociation and recombination before leaving the tungsten surface

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: A model for quantifying competitive relations within carnivore guilds is applied to the large carnivore guilds in the Serengeti (Tanzania) and the Kruger National Park (South Africa)

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Preventive care and optimization of children’s development potential must be prioritized through promoting awareness of congenital disorders, developing birth registration and surveillance for birth defects, strengthening of evidence on factors, and diagnosis of major birth defects, and developing of national plans


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Random masking simulation shows the contribution of veins in the liberation of minerals at coarser size and the increased degree of liberation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A numeration system whose base is a rational function is developed for polynomials and formal Laurent series over finite fields

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A multi-phase segmentation technique is used to solve the Electrical Impedance Tomography problem

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Privacy concerns have a stronger negative effect on perceived location-based advertising value than perceived sacrifice

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Technological determinism and social determinism constitute a continuum, rather than a dichotomy, of theories about the relationship of technology and society

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Improving the evidence base on drivers that might hasten the pace of progress for child survival is vital to charting the pathways for ultimately ending preventable child deaths by 2030

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: This study is the first publicly available data on field performance in Asia of the eggplant engineered to produce the Bt Cry1Ac protein

SCIENCE AND TECHOLOGY: In modelling CO adsorption on CuPd, Among the different nonstoichiometric Cu3Pd(111), the surface with ordered structure of bulk Cu3Pd () is the energetically most stable

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The use of bactericidal UV (UV-C) in decontaminating Salmonella on desiccated coconut and its effect on the sensorial characteristics upon use as ingredient and in macaroon making has been explored in this study

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The difference in sea level between the Philippines and Tahiti results from spatial variations of glacial isostatic adjustment of the two sites

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A new species of Begonia was discovered in Catanduanes, Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Ranked Set Sampling in selecting observations ensures that the predictive ability of the fitted logistic regression model is better and more reliable than that of Simple Random Sampling

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Reduction in forest cover and rangeland leads to an increase in surface runoff and a decrease in baseflow or dry season flow and groundwater recharge

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Consumption of tilapia and walking catfish from Laguna de Bay resulted in changes in the uterus of the ovariectomized mouse

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: The article unpacks the prolific body of critical writings of eminent Filipino writer and scholar Gemino H. Abad by identifying the humanist and romantic theories of poetic subjectivity that underlie them

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Currently, about 70 percent of deaths globally are caused by non-communicable diseases

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Overall, good progress has been made toward health-related sustainable development goals

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Presidential speeches may be seen as a crucial communicative technology of a political institution that perpetrates practices of control toward its exported human labor, and that employs discursive apparatuses to manage labor exportation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: There is a need to screen probiotic strains used in both livestock and human applications to assure their safety and to mitigate their potential in significantly contributing to the spread of antibiotic resistance genes in our natural environments

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The Ovitrap Surveillance System Framework opens up the possibility of determining the risk of dengue transmission without having to do active surveillance

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Shifting to better fuel such as compressed natural gas for buses and trucks substantially reduces estimated inter-regional carbon dioxide emission in Luzon


ARTS AND HUMANITIES: This paper analyzes the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)’s stage musical, Care Divas, for its figuration of the Filipino migrant worker as bakla and for its consequent queering of labor out-migration from the Philippines

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: A huge international study of global causes of death has revealed that since 1990, there has been a profound change in risk factors for death

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: How do senescent cells contribute to skin aging?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Four companies that collect hospital wastes in Manila conform to the standards of the World Health Organization and to local rules and regulations

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The use of Mosquito Larvicidal Trap as an integral component of dengue vector control program may enhance reduction in density of mosquitoes at immature stages thus lessening dependency on adulticiding efforts

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The paper investigates the stabilization of viscoelastic wave equations with distributed or boundary delay

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The research describes new strategies for making porous materials known as zeolites towards improvement of their property to absorb molecules and compounds

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This study aims to develop microwave atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment as non-thermal food processing technology to be used by the food industry in order to achieve both optimal fresh-like characteristics and recommended safety level

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The isolated strains containing the phylum TM7 might play an important role in 1,4- dioxane degradation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Does the type of ventilation increase the risk of hospital-acquired infection in public hospital buildings in the Philippines?


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Does the type of ventilation increase the risk of hospital-acquired infection in public hospital buildings in the Philippines?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Metro Manila bus drivers are exposed to hazardous working conditions such as long working hours, fatigue and lack of sleep and engaged in unsafe behaviors such as overspeeding and road racing

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: In wastewater treatment dealing with ACT and other persistent organic pollutants, the present study provides a better photocatalytic degradation route by K2S2O8-modified TiO2 than by pristine TiO2

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: It is necessary to attend to climate change issues not only for the protection of the environment but also for maintaining people’s health

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Poorer voters are more likely to select media celebrities than are wealthier voters but they are no more likely to pick dynastic candidates

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Other than the South China Sea (SCS) disputes, the Philippines in 2015 faced the same conditions as in 1996: keeping a sustainable peace in Mindanao, presidential elections, and a promising economy

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Tiny RNAs provide fine control of a switch in cell proliferation critical in cancer development

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The addition of tropodithietic acid, which is secreted by several species of Alteromonadeles, drastically changed the microbial social structure within a short span of time

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Single-layer VS2 polytypes are good candidate materials for sodium-ion battery anode

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This study determines the removal of nickel from a synthetic Watts bath electroplating composition (NiCl2_6H2O, NiSO4_6H2O, and H3BO3) by homogeneous fluidized-bed granulation process

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Local military units have a limited number of activities that featured seminal outward linkages, resource and expertise sharing with civilian actors from 2010-2014

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Graphene oxide was incorporated into a chitosan–poly(acrylic acid) porous polymer nanocomposite for enhanced lead adsorption

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This article aims to study the limiting behaviors of optimal control problems based on an elliptic boundary value problem with highly oscillating coefficients in a periodically perforated domain

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Fluidized-bed homogeneous granulation process was used to treat nickel containing wastewaters by recovering nickel in the form of nickel carbonate hydroxide granules with low moisture content

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Oxidative desulfurization was used under mild conditions, with hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant, phosphotungstic acid as a catalyst and tetraoctylammonium bromide as a phase transfer agent, to convert sulfur-containing compounds in diesel to their sulfone forms

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: The juxtaposition of state intentions along with the actual value of economic indicators allow an analysis that structures the type of economic engagement between China and the Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Encapsulation in maltodextrin–gum Arabic and maltodextrin–pectin matrices afforded dry betalain powders with higher antioxidant capacities after freeze-drying

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The application of atmospheric pressure plasma jet on biofilm-forming Pseudomonasaeruginosa aims to develop non-thermal decontamination technology for food contact surfaces

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: As microorganisms experience sublethal stresses prior to UV-C treatment, it is deemed necessary to understand the effects of prior stresses on the efficacy of UV-C treatment of food products such as fruit juices

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Gene expression dynamics in the shallow water sponge was investigated to better understand the thermal stress response of marine sponges

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Coconut liquid endosperm is sensitive to heat processing and requires less destructive yet effective food processing technique to ensure safety


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: An integro- differential equation has a power series solution

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Nature is central in three features of agrarian change in Laguna Lake: commodity widening in the fisheries sector, aquaculture producer strategies of working with nature’s materiality, and corresponding transformations in lake villages

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: What are the properties of fuel pellets from Philippine agricultural residues such as rice straw, rice hull and corn cobs?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Among four Philippine plants, luyang dilaw is the most toxic against the diamondback moth when applied topically and through leaf residue film method

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Mussels from Bacoor Bay, Cavite that tested positive for  Vibrio cholerae bacteria are red flags for public health intervention

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: In April of 2013, a bloom of the cyanobacteria called Trichodesmium as well as 19 other potentially harmful microalgae was observed in San Pedro Bay

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: The six market sector indices of the Philippine Stock Exchange are co-integrated which means that the they follow a common trend and have a long-run relationship

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Lesson study is built upon a framework that deeply involves teachers in a research-based and collaborative planning, implementing, and evaluating their current teaching strategies

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Soil and Water Assessment Tool characterized the basin hydrology of a river basin in Cambodia using 26 years of weather data while River Basin Management Support System MODSIM modelled the hydropower operation and water allocation optimization for domestic and irrigation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Clay mineralogical and geochemical data made it possible to describe the modern South China Sea sediment transport processes from the river mouth to the continental shelf and then to the abyssal basin 


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A simplified methodology for molecular analysis of Vibrio cholera detected a possible relationship between isolates present in Cameroon and two isolates from Mozambique

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: How did formal institutions conduct themselves in both the emergency and rehabilitation phases after disasters?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Test-negative design may be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against cholera

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: How did formal institutions conduct themselves in both the emergency and rehabilitation phases after disasters?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Green’s functions for space-fractional quantum systems with perturbation were obtained

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Celebrity culture in the Philippines is a microcosm of democratised capitalism wherein consumers, spectators, cultural industries and even the celebrities collectively develop parasociality as a function of cultural influence

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: The study uses household indicators other than income to arrive at better methods of predicting a household’s true socioeconomic class

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A simplified methodology for molecular analysis of Vibrio cholera detected a possible relationship between isolates present in Cameroon and two isolates from Mozambique


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Researchers came up with a very simple sufficient condition that guarantees a mixed state to be entangled based on the number of maximally entangled pure states in the mixture and their dimension

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: What is the risk of repeated stroke in children?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The efficacy of different herbicides in combination with the timing of soil saturation (flooding) for controlling the emergence and survival of six major weeds, and their toxic effect on the rice crop was evaluated

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Transgenic papaya with delayed ripening trait shows similar proximate composition with non-transgenic fruits

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: How does Ischaemumrugosum Salisb. (wrinkled grass) respond to different nitrogen rates and rice seeding rates?

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: Entanglement was used as a concept for understanding contemporary theatre in Manila

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The diversity of the fungus Ustilago scitaminea is a threat to the Philippine sugarcane industry

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Plant-fungal interaction studies led to the  discovery of  a hidden resistance gene in wheat 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Rice (Oryza sativa) planting density and nitrogen rates have ecological significance in managing the growth and competitive ability of itchgrass (Rottboellia cochinchinensis) in direct-seeded rice systems 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Toxins from Fusarium fujikuroi: Is there a link to the degree of infection on the rice plant?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Crinkle grass, which could be found growing rapidly in all idle fishponds, could be included in the diet of Nile tilapia to replace the imported soybean meal up to 12.6 percent, equivalent to 45 percent soybean meal replacement

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Tilapia diets with the addition of lysine grew faster and bigger and converted the diet into flesh more efficiently

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Hot water extract of mistletoe mediates anti-cancer effects on human hepatocarcinoma cell

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: HGlehnia littoralis root extract induces cell cycle arrest in human breast cancer

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: General stress is higher among females, younger age-group and those who have reached college level of education

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Hypertension is seen more in males, urban dwellers, employed or with an elementary level of education

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: There is an unequal distribution of hospitals and healthcare professionals, most of them being concentrated in Metro Manila

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Smokers prefer spicy taste while non-smokers like sweet foods

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Of 3,072 participants aged 20-50 years old, about a quarter has Metabolic syndrome, a collection of risk factors such as elevated blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, central obesity, elevated triglycerides and low good cholesterol 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The Short Form 36 (SF-36) Health Survey is a generic instrument which assesses functional health and well-being from the patient’s perspective 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A coupled system of partial differential equations modeling the interaction of a fluid and a structure with delay in the feedback was studied 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study examines a hyperbolic two component system of partial differential equations in one space dimension with ODE boundary conditions describing the flow of an incompressible fluid in an elastic tube that is connected to a tank at each end

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: In Capul, belief in deities may have contributed to respect for fish sanctuaries

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Poor access to improved sanitation was associated with cholera; however, despite access to improved water sources, cholera remains to be seen

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The promiscuity of RXR control may originate from multiple factors, including (1) the frustrated fit of cognate ligand 9c to the RXR binding pocket and (2) the different ligand- binding features of TR (loose) versus CAR (tight) to their corresponding cognate ligand

JULY 2016

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study examines the first land-based tardigrade reported from the Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: What are the statistical properties of the Bohol 2013 earthquake aftershocks?

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Who is the rich, the poor, and the middle class?

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Study shows a new approach in evaluating teaching performance using student rating

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The effect of sodium activation, ion-exchange with tertiary amine salt, surface treatment with non-ionic surfactant, and wet grinding of bentonite on hardness and mechanical properties of natural rubber nanocomposites was studied

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: X-linked recessive dystonia-parkinsonism is a rare movement disorder that is highly prevalent in Panay Island, Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Through computer modelling, the effects of fluctuating wind speeds on the performance of vertical axis wind turbines were investigated using different blade profiles

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This paper examined why the thrips are occasional pests in mango trees in some areas in Indonesia but are serious pests in other areas

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The bioaccumulation of lead by the acanthocephalan parasites showed to be a thousand-fold higher than the fish hosts of Nile Tilapia from Sampaloc Lake in Laguna

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study is the first randomized, placebo-controlled trial on the use of levodopa for the symptomatic treatment of X-linked dystonia parkinsonism

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The variation in oxygen isotope ratio of phosphate is due to uptake process in corals

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The growth of copper nanowires by electroless deposition in aqueous solution was studied from an electrochemical perspective

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The diversity in Philippine eggplant varieties was explored

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Are university students in the Philippines hypertensive?

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: What are the roles of men and women in aquatic agricultural systems in the Philippines?