UP Teaching Assistantship Program

Teaching Associates or Teaching Fellows, collectively known as Teaching Assistants, as defined by the UP Diliman Faculty Manual, are postgraduate students assigned to teach undergraduate courses in the department where they are enrolled. Considered non-regular members of the teaching staff, they are appointed on a yearly contractual basis to teach part-time until the maximum residence period allowed by UP (i.e., 5 years for master’s students, 6 years for PhD students with a master’s degree upon admission, and 8 years for those doing straight PhD). In return, they receive full-time graduate study privilege. The teaching load is a minimum of 6 units and a maximum of 9 units a semester, and the semester’s study load must be 6 to 9 units of graduate course work or 12 units of thesis or dissertation work.


While the existing scheme for Teaching Associates and Teaching Fellows allows departments or colleges to hire non-regular academic personnel as the need arises, the proposed establishment of Teaching Assistantships recognizes the need to yet improve the supply side. It aims to give the finest students of UP the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills through teaching even while they are studying. It also aims to ease the process of hiring staff who can teach or assist in teaching (lecture and laboratory courses). As the quality of the supply increases and the process becomes easier, the demand should also increase. This is envisioned to result in more departments making use of teaching assistants to unload their regular faculty members of teaching duties.

Teaching Assistants are either Teaching Associates (TAs) – master’s students, or Teaching Fellows (TFs) – PhD students, who are pursuing their studies half-time and are teaching half-time.  They are postgraduate student scholars and not contractual employees of the university. It is the program of the university that provides financial support for postgraduate studies.

Goals and Objectives:

1.  to encourage outstanding baccalaureate graduates to pursue graduates studies (Masters and PhD) in the university
2.  to increase the number of postgraduate students in the university
3.  to encourage baccalaureate graduates identified to have good teaching, communication, research and creative skills to pursue academics in the university
4.  to serve as the training ground for good teachers and researchers/creators in the university
5.  to contribute to reducing the teaching load of faculty in the university

Eligibility, Documentation Requirements and Selection Process:

1.  Outstanding baccalaureate graduates of UP (honor graduates or those who belong to the upper 10% of a graduating class) (transcript of records or true copy of grades).

2.  Outstanding current postgraduate students of UP (belonging to upper 10% of the degree program in the last 5 years; may have completed baccalaureate degree in UP or other leading SUCs or HEIs; still in the course work stage, not in the thesis or dissertation stage of postgraduate studies, with exceptions allowed with strong justification) (true copy of grades, certification letter from postgraduate program adviser endorsed by unit head).

3.  With outstanding teaching, communication, research and creative skills (letter of recommendation from 2 teachers in 2 undergraduate and/or graduate courses endorsed by unit head).

4.  For baccalaureate graduates, qualified to enroll in a postgraduate degree program in the university (letter of acceptance or conditional acceptance to a postgraduate degree program of the university from the chair of the postgraduate committee endorsed by the unit head).

5.  The TA/TF application form is completed and signed endorsed by the unit head, Dean, Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Chancellor.

6.  The OVPAA shall make a call for applications for TA/TF at the beginning of every semester with a deadline for submission of applications at the middle of the semester. Teachers and mentors are encouraged to identify or handpick prospective TA/TF applicants and persuade them to apply for TA/TF support. (To jumpstart the program, this schedule may not be strictly followed in the first round of TA/TF applications in 2015).

7.  The UP System through the OVPAA shall act on TA/TF applications based on merit, pro-rated support for the CUs, and availability of funds.

8.  OVPAA shall announce TA/TF scholarships at the end of a semester. The TA/TF can commence postgraduate studies and teaching the following semester or summer.

Terms of Reference:

1. The TA/TF shall teach 6 units and enroll in postgraduate courses of 6 (maximum of 9) units per semester.

2.  The TA/TF is assigned a teaching mentor in the unit.

3.  The specific teaching tasks and responsibilities of the TA/TF will be determined by the unit.

4.  In the thesis or dissertation stage, the amount of teaching assigned to the TA/TF is recommended by the unit to the OVPAA.

5.  The TA/TF is assigned a postgraduate program adviser (and eventually a thesis or dissertation adviser) in the unit who may be the same as the teaching mentor

6.  One month after the end of every semester, the teaching mentor and postgraduate program (and/or thesis/dissertation) adviser, signed by the unit head and CU officials, submit a teaching performance evaluation and postgraduate studies progress report of the TA/TF to the OVPAA, with a recommendation (or not) to continue the scholarship. Further, the unit recommends the amount of teaching load in the subsequent semester, i.e., reduced or no teaching load for TAs/TFs in the thesis/dissertation stage

7.  A contract will be signed between the TA/TF, the unit head and CU officials, and OVPAA stipulating the Terms of Reference of the scholarship.

8.  A TA is provided a monthly stipend equal to the salary of Instructor 5 for 6 months per semester; a TF is provided a monthly stipend equal to the salary of Assistant Professor 1 for 6 months per semester. Funds will be provided by the UP System to the CUs.

9.  Other benefits are as indicated in the BOR-approved TA/TF enhancement program:

Stipend, no Withholding Tax
Teaching Associate: equivalent to Instructor 5 (SG 16-3)
Teaching Fellow: equivalent to Assistant Professor 1 (SG 18-1)
Scholarship: Tuition Fee Waiver
Book Allowance: PhP 10,000.00 per year
Part of Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation pursued in foreign university (COOPERATE sandwich program)
Scholarship, in Curriculum Vitae Early earning of degree through scholarship

10. TAs/TFs at the thesis/dissertation stage are encouraged and trained to write grant proposals to support their projects.

11. TAs/TFs are required to undergo regular training to further improve their teaching and communication skills.

12.  There is no assurance that after the TA/TF completes the postgraduate degree, that s/he will be hired as faculty in the unit. The TA/TF will be asked to pursue the regular faculty application process.

13. The TA receives support from the University for a maximum of 4 years of masters’ studies, after which upon the recommendation of the unit, unless otherwise justified, the financial support is cut in half. The TF receives support from the University for a Maximum of 6 years of PhD studies, after which upon the recommendation of the unit, unless otherwise justified, the financial support is cut in half. All means and measures should be pursued by the unit to ensure that the TA/TF complete his/her postgraduate studies.

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