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RDG Conference Report of Emmanuel S. Baja

Write up about the Conference Last August 2013, in Basel, Switzerland, the 2013 Conference Environment and Health – Bridging South, North, East and West was held and has been a huge success. Approximately 1800 participants from from 70+ countries from all continents presented and attended an exciting and productive program. The participants gather to discuss the influence of environmental factors on human health. The drum school Basel did a trilling opening program “Airing Sounds – Wasting Rhythm”. The performance set the conference to a positive mood for the entire conference. The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute was the local […]

RDG Conference Report of Mary Barby P. Badayos-Jover

Write up about the Conference The conference was premised on the fact that global climate change challenge us to take transformations seriously. Given this premise the conference brought together interdisciplinary experts to interact, problematize and essentially understand the substantive change processes that need to occur in a short period of time, due to climate change effects. The conference was deemed timely in order to prevent disruptive and unexpected transformations. Feedback on paper presented The paper I presented tackled a topic  assumed to be resolve in Scandinavian countries. Thus, my presentation served as reminder to a number of participants about the […]

RDG Conference Report of Jerico B. Bacani

Write up about the Conference The International Conference on Mathematics and Computing (ICMC) 2013 was the very first international conference in mathematics and computing that was organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Haldia Institute of Technology (HIT) in West Bengal, India. This conference in mathematics was initiated when the institution had a successful international conference named as InfoSecHiComNet 2011, happened in October 2011. The ICMC 2013 was held on December 26-29, 2013, wherein the main objective of the of the organizers was to attract mathematicians and computer scientist all over the world to present recent advances and […]

RDG Conference Report of Rhodora V. Azanza

Write up about the Conference The meeting has special relevance not only for the GEOHAB programme, but also for the entire international scientific community for researchers and managers engaged in the advance in harmful algal bloom research and mitigation of impacts. The meeting has two objectives: 1) to review the scientific advances accomplished under GEOHAB since its inception; and 2) to identify a near-future roadmap of GEOHAB-like activities to be pursued beyond 2013. To achieve these objectives, active involvement of meeting participants, representing the global HAB community, is essential. For this reason, the OSM is structured somewhat differently from a […]

RDG Conference Report of Maria Ela L. Atienza

Write up about the Conference The 7th European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) was held at the School of Social and Political Science (ISCSP), University of Lisbon (formerly the Technical University of Lisbon), Portugal from 2 to 5 July 2013. The Conference was attended not only by European and Southeast Asian scholars doing research in various field of social sciences and humanities in Southeast Asia but also other scholars from other parts of the world who are doing research in topics relevant to Southeast Asia. Keynote speakers were Jorge Sampaio, former President of Portugal and the first United Nations […]

RDG Conference Report of Ronahlee A. Asuncion

Write up about the Conference The Symposium was attended by professors from various Universities. The papers presented focused on the key issues confronted by women who are either formally or informally employed. The symposium served as a venue to discuss and assess the situation of working women in the Pacific region and beyond. It also served as venue to foster collaborative pursuits among the participants from different Universities and organizations. Feedback on paper presented Considering the number of domestic workers in the country, it is high time that they be accorded with social protection. The paper deals with a very […]

RDG Conference Report of Maria Carmen V. Amarra

Write up about the Conference The conference had 97 participants, of whom 19 were from outside of China. There were 42 contributed talks over three days. The topics covered various applications of transitive groups on graphs, maps, designs and related structures. Feedback on paper presented The results presented by the grantee are part of her PhD. thesis. Since the conference honoree is her supervisor, the feed was generally good. Future directions of research presented The work done in the classification of symmetric diameter two graphs is far from complete. The grantee’s dissertation dealt with only few of the possible cases. […]

RDG Conference Report of Christian M. Alis

Write up about the Conference The European Conference on Complex Systems is a major international conference and event in the area of complex systems and interdisciplinary science in general. This year is the 10th time this conference was held. Two days of this year’s conference were reserve for satellite meetings, which  covered a broad range of subjects on all aspects of Complex Systems. This year’s conference was organized by the  The Complex Systems Society and Feedback on paper presented Several attendees found the paper to be very interesting. At least three attendees approached me to tell me that and […]

President Pascual to media: Scientific research in UP helps society

President Pascual to media: Scientific research in UP helps society

UP contributes to development with its high-quality research in science and engineering. This was the message that President Alfredo Pascual imparted to the media in a brunch reception held on February 13 in UP Diliman. Attended by 15 science journalists from 10 media organizations, the event showcased the university’s recent accomplishments in biotechnology, aerospace, and science education that have practical applications. Among these are the products of UP Los Banos which help address our growing need for food security and nutrition. President Pascual said that biotechnology is now “within the radar of media due to the Supreme Court’s decision to suspend Bt Talong field trials” but it is a ruling which unfortunately impacts on the […]

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