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RDG Conference Report of Miguel Paolo P. Reyes

Write up about the Conference Below is a brief description of the conference aims:  Even though Barthes declared the author dead, he also suggested an unavoidable construction of a figure or character along the literary communication process throughout his work. In the wake of these suggestions, and also considering Michel Foucault’s textual function approach, recent Literary Theory has been shaping different concepts and theoretical frameworks in order to re-think the author’s validity as a hermeneutical key. Acknowledging the author as an intertextual mosaic rather than as an empirical being, thus implying a dialogue between various disciplines, we intend to bring […]

RDG Conference Report of Eileen Kai. A. Relao

Write up about the Conference Attending the Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment form June 12 to 15 gave me the chance to join a prestigious global academic community. There were more that 350 participants (oral presenters and poster presenters) gathered from different institutions across the globe whose research interests covered a wide variety of research areas. Watching a number of presentations made by various speakers, I was able to listen to interesting and up-to- date research works, engage in scholarly discussions, raise questions and obtain answers which led to further queries. In the conference, presentations tackling certain […]

IPA Recipients for May 2016

Fig. 1. 
Method of indentation. (A) three sizes of cylindrical indenter, each with a hemispherical tip, (B) indenter set up, showing the largest probe pressed onto a noodle sheet supported by a glass slide, (C) typical results for a 10 s loading ramp to

Lilia S. Collado Food Science Cluster College of Agriculture UP Los Baños Indentation as a Potential Mechanical Test for Textural Noodle Quality. Journal of Food Engineering, 177: 42–49, May 2016.  Catchy title of research: A reliable mechanical test for noodle texture is being developed. It is possible to use mechanical tests  like indentation to assess texture suitability of raw materials such as sweet potato, mung bean, rice, sorghum starches, wheat, buckwheat, millet and semolina flours for specific end use such as noodles. Based on consistent data gathered it has potential as a reliable texture quality indicator alongside subjective methods like sensory […]

UPOU faculty member named ICT Education Researcher of the Year

A faculty member of the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies of the UP Open University (UPOU) won the Education Researcher of the Year Award at the SM2016/ICT2016 25th International Education and Technology Conference in Hong Kong on 11 April 2016. Asst. Prof. Roberto Figueroa Jr. was nominated after his presentation at the 2012 Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Open Universities in Malaysia where he shared his research on the comparative evaluation of web-based tools that showcased social media and video conferencing for distance education.  The nomination was recommended by Springer book editor Prof. Phillip M. Tsang, and endorsed by the award committee […]