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IPA Recipients for December 2017

Fig. 1.  Feeding preference of drywood termite(“unos”) to common wood used in he Philippines.

Arlene D. Romano and Menandro N. Acda Department of Forest and Paper Science College of Forestry and Natural Resources UP Los Baños Feeding Preference of the Drywood Termite Cryptotermes cynocephalus (Kalotermitidae) against Industrial Tree Plantation Species in the Philippines. Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology, 20 (4): 1161-1164, December 2017. The feeding preference of the drywood termite Cryptotermes cynocephalus (also called “unos”) was investigated against five fast growing industrial tree plantation species commonly used in the Philippines, viz.,Yemane, mangium, Moluccan sau, mahogany and eucalyptus.  No-choice and choice feeding tests were conducted to determine mass loss, wood consumption,level of resistance, and termite survival after […]