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UP experts produce over 80 open videos for teaching general education

UP experts produce over 80 open videos for teaching general education

UP has made available more than 80 Open Educational Resources (OERs) on general education, thanks to the efforts of the UP Open University. Called 100 Master Voices, the project featured in multimedia formats different UP experts whose chosen topics can be used to teach the 11 core courses in general education, namely: (1) Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas, (2) Wika, Kultura at Lipunan, (3) Critical Perspectives in the Arts, (4) Philippine Arts and Culture, (5) Critical Perspectives in Communication, (6) Self and Society, (7) Ethics and Moral Reasoning in Everyday Life, (8) Living Systems: Concepts and Dynamics, (9) Probing the Physical World, […]

Number of UP Scientists for 2017-2019 is highest in 12 years

Number of UP Scientists for 2017-2019 is highest in 12 years

Seventy-one of UP’s most accomplished researchers in the physical and natural sciences, social sciences, management and economics, and engineering were officially recognized as UP Scientists for 2017-2019 in a ceremony held on 21 March at the Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman. The UP Scientists were chosen through the rigid selection process of the UP Scientific Productivity System where they were assessed for scientific productivity (publications and other output such as patents) and international scientific recognition. President Danilo Concepcion said in a message read by Executive Vice President Teodoro Herbosa that the awards are given in gratitude of the contributions […]

Book by UP researchers shows PH water crisis likely if institutions remain weak

Why should water management and conservation be a pressing concern for the Philippines? For UP professors Dr. Agnes C. Rola, Dr. Juan M. Pulhin and Dr. Rosalie Arcala Hall, editors of the recently-published book Water Policy in the Philippines, it is because demographic shifts, urbanization and climate change are increasingly transforming the face of water supply and demand in the country. For one, per capita water availability declined over the years, with economic growth and population increases exerting pressure on demand and decreased water sources due to the degradation of watersheds affecting supply. In fact, Rola, Pulhin and Arcala project […]

A sample of UP’s journal articles on women (2015-2018)

Here are some UP papers that tackle issues of women in the Philippines and in other parts of the world. 1. What are the roles of men and women in aquatic agricultural systems in the Philippines? 2. Trafficked women in the Philippines are likely to drink alcohol, use illegal drugs and avoid HIV tests 3. How did institutions enable women survivors to adapt to the Haiyan devastation? 4. The discovery of polymorphisms correlates with Vitamin D deficiency among post-menopausal Filipino women 5. What can we learn from women’s experiences in strengthening food security during disasters? 6. Do wanted pregnancies differ […]

Journal articles with the International Publication Award (2017)

Other lists: | 2019 | 2018 | 2016 | DECEMBER 2017 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Drywood termites prefer Moluccan sau the most and eucalyptus the least SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Because bulk ZnO single crystals can resist and recover from ion irradiation, they can be used for radiation detectors inside future fusion reactors SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The placental characteristics of cattle, which like humans carry their embryo for nine months, were studied SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Minkowski functional and cluster analysis can detect percolating channels or fluid traps in plasma-etched surfaces SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Some reefs in Samar were completely damaged and wiped-out […]

Journal articles with the International Publication Award (2016)

Other lists: | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | DECEMBER 2016 ARTS AND HUMANITIES: This paper analyzes the Philippine Educational Theater Association’s stage musical, Care Divas, for its figuration of the Filipino migrant worker as bakla and for its consequent queering of labor out-migration from the Philippines ARTS AND HUMANITIES: A huge international study of global causes of death has revealed that since 1990, there has been a profound change in risk factors for death SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: How do senescent cells contribute to skin aging? SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Four companies that collect hospital wastes in Manila conform to the standards of […]