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IPA Recipients for July 2019

IPA Recipients for July 2019

Michelle T. Cirunay National Institute of Physics College of Science UP Diliman Statistical signatures of the spatial imprints of road network growth. International Journal of Modern Physics C 29(10), 1850099 (2018). DOI:10.1142/S0129183118500997 Qualitatively, when you look at the road network of Metro Manila from a map, you will find irregular curves and blocks. Moreover, visually the component cities would have different road network layouts. In this work, we try to measure the roads and areas enclosed by the roads in all the Metro Manila cities. Here, although the component cities appear to be physically different, statistically it is found that […]

Call: The Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences Competition

The Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences Competition for FY 2020-2021 is now open for submissions. This annual competition aims to promote and stimulate high-quality scientific research and the dissemination of knowledge regarding worldwide problems. It is open to all scientists without any age restriction. The submitted work should be an original and recent scientific work: a PhD thesis or a work of at least the same level. Studies must reach the Academy’s Secretariat before 1 March 2020 (for the 2020 questions) and 1 March 2021 (for the 2021 questions). The winner will receive 2,500 EUR. Those who wish to participate […]

New genus of shipworm found in the Philippines feeds on stone

New genus of shipworm found in the Philippines feeds on stone

A new genus and species of shipworm, the first that burrows through stone rather than wood, has been discovered in the Philippines. Shipworms are wood-feeding mollusks that are well known for destroying ships, wharfs and other wooden structures. But according to the paper written by researchers from the University of Utah, Drexel University, Northeastern University and the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute, the new genus and species of worm-like clam which they called Lithoredo abatanica “lacks adaptations associated with wood boring and wood digestion” which are typical among previously described shipworms. Instead, this new kind of organism is “well […]

PCIEERD 2020 Call for Proposals

The Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) launched its 2020 Call for Proposals on 28 June 2019. Included in the said call are the following: 1. Integrated and intelligent sensors and actuators (liSA) for intelligent factories 2. Convergence of Philippine technologies for smarter city development 3. Energy storage module 4. Renewable energy and energy efficient technologies 5. Development of a prototype for ballast water treatment and ships’ biofouling control and management. For those who wish to submit proposals, the complete package of the call and the application forms can […]

Call for applications: 2019 UP KRC NextGen Koreanist Workshop

The UP Korea Research Center (UP KRC) in partnership with the UP Department of Political Science is calling for applicants to the 2019 UP KRC NextGen Koreanist Workshop. In line with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Philippines and Korea’s diplomatic ties, this year’s workshop is geared towards helping young Filipino scholars develop their research interest in Korea-related studies. Eligibility: 1. Any graduate student (MA/PhD) of UP CUs, and 2. Active status Research subject/topic: 1. Korea-Philippines relations 2. Korea-ASEAN relations 3. Contemporary issues of Korean society 4. Other interesting topics that are relevant Required documents: 1. Abstract (150-200 […]