2022 Research Symposium

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Symposium Details

Save the Date! 2022 Research Symposium for EIDR Cycle 8 Projects on 7-8 April 2022, 1:00-5:00 PM.


Symposium Day 1 – Scan the QR Code on the image or click here.

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Scientific Programme

Click here to view the scientific programme which includes the line-up of presentations and our list of speakers for the Symposium.

Virtual Poster Exhibit

The 2022 Research Symposium also presents a virtual poster exhibit of EIDR Cycle 8 Research Projects. Click on the research project title to proceed to the exhibit page.

Zinc-air battery: Oxygen electrocatalyst research and prototype design and development
Dr. Joey Ocon, College of Engineering, UP Diliman

Polydopamine nanocoatings and nanoparticles research for target beneficial applications
Dr. Guillermo Nuesca, College of Science, UP Diliman

Highly Luminescent N-doped Carbon Quantum Dots from Fishery Waste Materials for Potential Applications in Photocatalytic Degradation of Selected Dyes
Dr. Concepcion Ponce, College of Science, UP Visayas

Digital Development, Printing on Demand and i-Distribution of “SORA” the Graphic Novel of the life of Melchora Aquino: A Perception Study of our Nation’s History, Culture, Struggle for Independence and Identity of Filipino Women in the Open Distance eLearning Framework
Dr. Grace Alfonso, Faculty of Information and Communication Studies, UP Open University

Cinema for Education: Rationalizing the Philippine Audio-visual industry to promote inclusive education through film literacy
Prof. Nicolas Deocampo, College of Mass Communication, UP Diliman

Blending of Multimedia Approach and Satoyama-Satoumi Principles for Building Climate Smart Communities
Dr. Ricardo Bagarinao, Faculty of Education, UP Open University

Promoting sustainable tourism in the small islands in the Visayas
Dr. Cheryl Joy Fernandez, College of Management, UP Visayas

Influences of maternal dietary intake and nutritional status on the microbiological and chemical compositions of breast milk from selected lactating Filipino women at 0 to 4 months postpartum
Dr. Alonzo Gabriel♰/ Dr. Cecile Leah Bayaga, College of Home Economics, UP Diliman

Targetting Microbial Pathogensusing specialized strategies and Bioactive Molecules of Shipworm Symbionts
Dr. Lilibeth Salvador-Reyes, College of Science, UP Diliman

Structural and prebiotic studies of galacto- and hetero-oligosaccharides formed by lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus dsm 20081 bgalactosidase
Dr. Sheryl Arreola, College of Arts and Sciences, UP Los Baños

Application of molecular genetics and otolith as tools for fisheries management
Dr. Ricardo Babaran, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, UP Visayas

Development of in Vivo and in Vitro Models for the Study of Endometriosis in the Philippines
Dr. Michael Velarde, College of Science, UP Diliman

How Safe are our roads? The components of post-crash response, safe roads and safe vehicles in road management, road safety index, and road legislations and management in making our roads safer
Dr. Ricardo Sigua/ Dr. Jinky Lu, College of Engineering/College of Medicine, UP Diliman