Now is no longer the time for poets is a suite of three (3) poems with the following titles: “To write
another eye”; “Now is no longer the time for poets”; and “Requisite condemnation”. These three
poems are, in themselves, expressions of artistic critical thinkings and wonderings on what it may
mean to live in these times in the Philippines under a newly elected president who is not only the
son, but also the namesake of Ferdinand Marcos, who previously placed the country under Martial
Law and who was subsequently ousted through People Power. The poems are drawn from
experiences of a transgender poet who not only occupies a liminal space, but also is self-aware of
not having first-hand experiences of military rule and learning about it only through dominant
narratives. Through form and content, the poems reflect uncertainties and understandings on post-
truth, interpolations, appearances, revisionism, transformations, as well as possibilities for
coalitions, resistances, and emphatic opacity in relation to politics, participatory publics, and new

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