The University of the Philippines Cebu Central Visayas Studies and College of Social Sciences in cooperation with the Critical Policy Studies Network and Chiang Mai University School of Public Policy invite the public to the hybrid lecture “Democracy and the Era of Post-truth” on 22 November 2023, 3 PM (Manila).

The forum is a crucial platform for examining the intricate relationship between democracy, politics, and policy in the Philippines, with a specific focus on the implications of the post-truth era. This event aims to explore how post-truth politics impacts public trust, political discourse, and policymaking, and how it influences media, civic engagement, and accountability. By fostering dialogue and collaboration among various stakeholders, this forum seeks to provide insights into the challenges posed by post-truth politics and offer potential solutions to safeguard democratic values and effective policy development in the Philippines, acknowledging its unique socio-political landscape and vibrant democracy.


Dr. Frank Fischer (Professor Emeritus Rutgers University)
“Truth and post-truth in public policy: interpreting the arguments”

Dr. Regletto AD Imbong (University of the Philippines Cebu)
The Duterte-Marcos Continuity and its Language of Fascism

Noe John JE Sacramento (University of the Philippines Cebu)
Narratives, Emotions, and Deliberations in Politics and Policy Analysis

Discussant/ Reactor: Dr. Piyapong Boossabong (Chiang Mai University)

Moderator: Dr. Ana Leah Cuizon (University of the Philippines Cebu)

ONLINE: ZOOM Meeting ID: 938 9424 4099, Passcode: CVSC2023

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