Rhodora V. Azanza
Marine Science Institute
College of Science
UP Diliman

Occurrence and Biological Characteristics of Glass Eels of the Japanese Eel Anguilla japonica at the Cagayan River of Luzon Island, Philippines in 2009. Zoological Studies, 53 (13): 6 pages, February 2014.

Map showing the distribution range of Anguilla japonica (a) and details of the study site (b). The spawning location of the Japanese eel A. japonica in 2008 was found to be at12.5° to 13.5° N, 141.5° to 142° E in June and July 2008 (Tsukamotoet al. 2011), as shown by the closed box in (a).

Number of anguillid glass eels collected at Cagayan River estuary, Luzon Island, Philippines in 2009. The speciesconsisted of A. japonica (black), tropical long-fin species (gray), andA. bicolor pacifica (white).

The Japanese eel spawns at the Northern Equatorial Current in the Philippine sea and the larvae are transported to freshwater growth habitats in East Asia. Morphological and genetic characteristics of Anguillid glass eels recruiting in 2009 were studied. Results show that spawning events in 2008 can account for the 2009 larvae data of the species at the Cagayan River, Philippines.


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