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To guide all academic units in preparing their curricular proposals, UP OVPAA issued OVPAA Memorandum 2023-24 (Curricular Proposal Submission to OVPAA). All resources included in the memorandum are posted below.


OVPAA-CURR 1.0 Form Curricular Revisions Template
OVPAA-CURR 2.0 Form Proposals for new academic programs
OVPAA-CURR 3.0 Form Proposals for new, revised, reconfigured courses (GE & Non-GE courses)
OVPAA-CURR 4.0 Form Syllabus template
OVPAA Form No. 1 Proposals for the creation, institution or elevation of new units

Academic units are required to follow the templates provided by the OVPAA. All proposals should have the following:
  1. Endorsement letter duly signed by the Chancellor. It should include the date of endorsement of the UC Curriculum Committee (CC) or the University Council (UC), whichever is applicable depending on what step the curricular proposal is based on the review process.
  2. Include the date of endorsement of the CC and UC in the upper right-hand corner of the main proposal, whichever is applicable. (ex. CC 3 Sep 20221 UC 10 October 2022)
  3. Include version number following the format below
    CC 1.0 for proposals endorsed by the CC for review of the OVPAA. If the OVPAA has further comments that require revisions, submit the revised proposal to OVPAA and change the version number to ‘CC 1.1 ‘ and so on.
    UC 1.0 for proposals endorsed by the UC for review of the OVPAA. Same version numbering as that of CC (a).
  4. Include continuous line and page numbers. This is for easier review and referencing.



Note: All CC-endorsed curricular proposals should be endorsed by the OVPAA for UC action before it can be part of the agenda of the UC.


All curricular proposals should be submitted to OVPAA Curriculum & Instruction Team (OVPAA-Curr) through the Document Tracking System (DRS) of the University.
  1. The Title should follow this format: “CU: Proposal for the [Institution/Revision] of [Degree Program/Course]”.
  2. If the proposals are uploaded in a Google Drive folder, make sure that the general access is set to “University of the Philippines”.
  3. If the proposal has gone through review by the OVPAA before, include the summary of OVPAA comments and proponent’s responses.