The Curriculum and Instruction arm of OVPAA aims to set academic standards, initiate innovations in teaching, and provide opportunities for teaching and learning.

Student Affairs

The OVPAA Office of Student Development Services (OSDS) works with the Student Affairs Offices in UP to foster a healthy and nurturing environment. It oversees academic support, financial assistance, and student welfare policies and programs, allowing UP students to demonstrate resilience, academic leadership, and public service.

Research & Innovation

OVPAA's Research and Innovation aims to enforce and improve the implementation of System-funded research programs and strengthen the capability of UP as collaborating institution.

Quality Assurance

The UP Quality Assurance System aims to assure the Filipino public as well as national and international stakeholders that UP programs and delivering units meet standards of academic excellence as currently defined within the changing context of local, national, regional and global developments that have had profound impact on universities worldwide.

Institutional Linkages Test

The Office of International Linkages is a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It is mandated to identify and explore areas of cooperation and linkages with institutions abroad. It promotes international academic and research collaboration with partner universities through student and faculty exchange, joint research, network participation, sharing of educational resources, and other international academic and research activities.

Grants & Awards

The project administered by the UP OVPAA span a wide variety of areas of concern, ranging from programs that advance the research initiatives of the university, programs that enable further capacity-building of teaching staff, the establishment of linkages for greater collaboration with international institutions, recognition of significant contributions to artistic and academic spheres, and even engagement programs for professor emeriti.