International Publication Awards

The UP International Publication Award (IPA) has served as an effective incentive for increasing the number of international peer-reviewed publications in UP.  more…

Guidelines and Forms

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The UP Scientific Productivity System

The U.P. Scientific Productivity System (SPS) was approved by the Board of Regents in its 1199th meeting on August 2005. The SPS aims to: (1) support the development of science and technology and (2) encourage and reward scientific productivity. Deserving scientists shall be conferred the title of “U.P. Scientist” with a monetary award, the U.P. Scientific Productivity Award. For information on criteria, minimum qualifications for appointment and rating system, please download the UP SPS Guidelines. more…

UP Scientists for CY 2013-2015

Concepcion Dadufalza Award for Distinguished Achievement

The UP Board of Regents established the Award on June 29, 2000 in honor of a beloved former professor of the University, Professor Concepcion D. Dadufalza, on the occasion of her 50th year of teaching at the University of the Philippines.


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The UP Arts Productivity System

The UP Arts Productivity System (APS) was established by the Board of Regents in its 1239th meeting on December 2008 as the counterpart for the arts of the UP Scientific Productivity System and is aimed at encouraging outstanding productivity in the creative arts or in arts scholarship for national development.

Guidelines and list of UP Artists 2011-2014.

Emerging Interdisciplinary Research (EIDR)

The Emerging Interdisciplinary Research (EIDR) Program of the OVPAA was approved by the Board of Regents in its 1272nd meeting on 25 August 2011 for ~P80M/year for 5 years. It is a variation of the previous research program of the OVPAA. more

Guidelines and Forms

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Faculty and REPS Development Program (FRDP)

The UP System Faculty and REPS Development Program (FRDP) takes the place of the UP Expanded Modernization Program–Doctoral Studies Fund.  It includes fellowship programs for PhD and Master’s as well as for the recruitment of foreign-trained PhD faculty. Read more