Balik PhD Recruitment Program

Come home to UP for good.

UP is hiring foreign-trained PhDs/postdoctoral fellows as faculty members who will pursue research and mentor the best and brightest young minds in our country, this year and in the coming years.

Under the UP Expanded Modernization Program, UP launched the Foreign-trained  “Balik” PhD Recruitment Program. UP will provide start/step-up grants, a relocation package and other economic benefits.

There may be initial hurdles but in the long term, will reap countless rewards for yourself, for our people and our country.

UP needs the best and brightest expert PhD faculty who are committed to teach and mentor the best and brightest Filipino youth — who all come to UP!


Please note that the following provisions, approved by the Board of Regents on 28 April 2016, had been added to the guidelines: 

To strengthen the foreign-trained BalikPhD faculty recruitment campaign, faculty and researchers based in foreign universities and research institutions (both Filipinos and non- Filipinos) will be provided a financial incentive to convince/recruit younger PhDs (Filipinos and non-Filipinos) that they have mentored as young faculty, postdoctoral fellows or PhD students in their universities or collaborating research institutions, to become UP faculty under the Foreign-trained Balik-PhD Faculty program.

The Balik-PhD faculty recruit shall be entitled to receive an outright Balik-PhD relocation package of PhP500,000 (net of withholding tax) and the Balik-PhD start-up research grant of PhP 2.5 million (subject to availability of funds) upon acceptance of a full proposal.

Download the forms:

Form 1.0 (Implementing guidelines) Please note that the revised implementing guidelines are still under review. 
Form 8.0 (Application form)
Forms 3.0-3.4 (Full proposal form and guidelines)
Form 4.0 (Instructions for progress reports and final reports) (doc)
Form 4.0 (Instructions for progress reports and final reports) (pdf)
Form 4.1 (Line-item budget, financial report, inventory of supplies and equipment)
Form 5.0 (Budget realignment template)
Form 7.0 (Terminal Financial Report)