Beyond Craft: Creative Writing Studies in the Philippines

The Department of English and Comparative Literature of UP Diliman will be holding the colloquium “Beyond Craft: Creative Writing Studies in the Philippines” on April 30th, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Pavilion 1 of Palma Hall in UP Diliman. The colloquium aims to gather practicing and published writers, publishers and teachers of creative writing to discuss relevant issues in the teaching and praxis of creative writing in the country.

The colloquium will feature five panels covering the following themes:

This panel explores how/why writers write the way they do and what informs their writing. By discussing the creative process, it aims to demystify the figure of the creative writer (born rather than made, always driven by mysterious impulses and rarely by research and methodical thinking, able to transcend the particularities of place and time).

This panel interrogates methods of teaching and learning creative writing in classrooms and workshops. It also explores creative writing pedagogy in writing communities outside of academia.

The power panel discusses the social function of creative writing, including power relations in the Philippine literary scene and the relationship of creative writing and activism.

This panel discusses translation as a creative practice and collaborative process. It examines the aesthetic and linguistic concerns of the translator, explores the ways translation intervenes in literary production/circulation, and re-evaluates notions of authorship.

Panelists include poets Paolo Manalo and Nerisa del Carmen Guevara; masked comics artist and writer Emiliana Kampilan; writer and cultural worker Bebang Siy; writer, artist, and activist Tilde Acuña; fictionists Christine V. Lao and Sandra Nicole Roldan; writer and academic Antonino Soria de Veyra; fictionists Gabriela Lee and Francis Paolo Quina; writer Vladimeir Gonzales; independent artists collective Magpies; fictionists Sarah Lumba, Anna Felicia Sanchez, and Marie Aubrey Villaceran; indie publisher Gantala Press; fictionist John Bengan; writer-academics Alexandra May Cardoso and Thomas David Chavez; and noted author, academic, translator, and activist Ramon Guillermo.

For more information, and to register for the event, please visit this page.