Call for Literary and Artistic Contributions

Because UP aims to strengthen scholarship not only in research but also in creative work, the OVPAA is pleased to announce that we are opening our online sites to showcase works from UP writers and artists.

General guidelines

1. Students, faculty members and research staff from any of UP’s constituent universities are welcome to send their contributions to [email protected] (Subject: OVPAA Create). Contributors must ensure that they hold the copyright to submitted works.

2. Only works that are related to academic life in UP and have been done in the course of study or work in UP will be accepted.

3. Works for submission may also be posted on blogs and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.) with hashtag #ovpaacreate.

4. Every month, we will choose five submissions for posting on the OVPAA website. All other submissions will be posted on our Facebook page.

5. All contributions whether by email, blog or social media must be accompanied by the creator’s personal information (full name, occupation, department/school/institute, and constituent university) and at most 3 sentences explaining what the contribution is all about.

Specific guidelines

1.  For literary creations and essays, submit a scanned copy of the work. Limit the work to one page, A4 size. Use Times New Roman pt. 10 or 11, single- or double-spaced.

2.  For assemblage art, calligraphy, ceramics, collage, design, drawing, graphic art (cartoon, caricature, comic strips), installation, illustration, jewellery, metalwork, mosaic, painting, photography, print (engraving, etching, Giclee print, lithography, screen printing, woodcut), sand art, stained glass, sculpture and tapestry, submit a high-quality photo (300 dpi) with the copyright notice on one corner.

3. For digital or computer art, submit a high-quality flattened image (300 dpi) with the copyright notice on one corner.

4. For performances, animations and films, submit a short video (maximum of 5 minutes) or a link to the video.

 GPC Artwork 2