IPA Recipients for May 2020

IPA Recipients for May 2020

Allan Abraham B. Padama Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics College of Arts and Sciences UP Diliman Dilute Concentrations of Sb (Bi) Dopants in Sn-site Enhance the Thermoelectric Properties of TiNiSn Half-Heusler Alloys: A First-principles Study, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 59(3): 035003, 2020 In this work, we studied the properties of thermoelectric materials based on Titanium-Nickel-Tin (TiNiSn) alloys. Thermoelectric materials are used to convert thermal energy to electric energy. They are used to harvest waste heat for energy efficiency and for cooling related applications. By performing computational investigations based on density functional theory, we showed that it is possible […]

Dr. Jonathan Malicsi to give Concepcion Dadufalza Memorial Lecture

Dr. Jonathan Malicsi to give Concepcion Dadufalza Memorial Lecture

Dr. Jonathan C. Malicsi, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, will deliver the Concepcion D. Dadufalza Memorial Lecture on 7 December 2018, 6:30 PM, at the Church of the Risen Lord in UP Diliman. He will be joined by soprano Angeli Benipayo (senior voice major, UP College of Music) and pianist Augusto Espino (associate professor, UP College of Music) in the lecture titled Handel’s Testament of Faith: A Deconstruction of “I know that my Redeemer liveth from Handel’s Messiah”. Professor Malicsi received the 2017 Concepcion D. Dadufalza Award for Distinguished Achievement for his major work that linked the field of linguistics to […]

Southeast Asian lit, music and dance inspire UP’s latest Komedya

Southeast Asian lit, music and dance inspire UP's latest Komedya

Putri Anak is a new Komedya produced by the UP College of Music and the UP Center for International Studies that explores Filipino pre-colonial and colonial heritage through oral literature, music and the San Dionisio Komedya performance tradition. Named after the heroine around whom the three-act play revolves, it features a composite text from a narrative common among Southeast Asian cultures–the celestial maiden, a half-woman, half-bird being who was deceived by a mortal. Putri Anak (or Princess Child) is based on a Maguindanaoan variant of the celestial maiden story about King Sulaymon’s son and Putri Anak. It is a fictional account […]

RDG Conference Report of Anna Marie P. Talam

Write up about the Conference The theme of the conference was “Creating Sustainable Business Value –  Embedding Sustainable Practices Into Strategies”.  Its aim was to foster research relations between the academic and industry by bringing decision makers from the private and public sector to discuss the opportunities, the best practices and latest research in management and business innovation which are crucial for business sustainability.  Hosted by Asia Pacific International Academy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aventis School of Management, there were 26 authors coming from different countries who participated in the conference.   Feedback on paper presented *  The topic […]

RDG Conference Report of Virgilio P. Sison

Write up about the Conference The International Zürich Seminar on Communications (IZS) is a biennial conference with technical presentations in the broad area of telecommunications. It serves as an opportunity to learn from and to communicate with leading experts in the areas of in formation theory, coding theory and signal processing. The other specific topics covered are Shannon Theory, cryptography, wireless communications, and network coding. As in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012, roughly half of the presentations are delivered by external session organizers. No parallel sessions are anticipated,and all papers are presented with a wide audience in mind. The […]

RDG Conference Report of Lilibeth A. Salvador-Reyes

Write up about the Conference The 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Marine Natural Products will highlight progressive research on the chemistry and biology of natural product chemicals from the marine environment. Featured topics will include advances in molecular characterization, biomedical applications, biotechnology, genomics, chemical ecology, molecular pharmacology, and chemical biology to reflect the ever-evolving breadth of this dynamic field. The conference will feature outstanding investigators from academia, industry and the government, and will provide opportunities for junior scientists and graduate students to present their work in poster format. Some poster presenters will be selected for short talks. One of the […]

RDG Conference Report of Rosario R. Rubite

Write up about the Conference BOTANY 2014: New Frontiers in Botany was a large assembly of scientists of various botanical specializations from wide range of countries. The conference consists of plenary lectures, symposia, workshops and exhibits. The meeting was a great opportunity to share ideas and build collaborations. Feedback on paper presented My presentations covered the recircumscription of Begonia section Baryandra (Begoniaceae), utilizing molecular data. Not only were the audience interested in our research but they were greatly impressed by the large number of Philippine endemic begonias located at the pristine forests of mountains from Batanes to Basilan. Future directions […]

RDG Conference Report of Miguel Paolo P. Reyes

Write up about the Conference Below is a brief description of the conference aims:  Even though Barthes declared the author dead, he also suggested an unavoidable construction of a figure or character along the literary communication process throughout his work. In the wake of these suggestions, and also considering Michel Foucault’s textual function approach, recent Literary Theory has been shaping different concepts and theoretical frameworks in order to re-think the author’s validity as a hermeneutical key. Acknowledging the author as an intertextual mosaic rather than as an empirical being, thus implying a dialogue between various disciplines, we intend to bring […]

RDG Conference Report of Eileen Kai. A. Relao

Write up about the Conference Attending the Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment form June 12 to 15 gave me the chance to join a prestigious global academic community. There were more that 350 participants (oral presenters and poster presenters) gathered from different institutions across the globe whose research interests covered a wide variety of research areas. Watching a number of presentations made by various speakers, I was able to listen to interesting and up-to- date research works, engage in scholarly discussions, raise questions and obtain answers which led to further queries. In the conference, presentations tackling certain […]

RDG Conference Report of Majah-Leah V. Ravago

Write up about the Conference The WEIA International Conference (formerly Pacific Rim) was started in 1994 and brings between 300 and 500 economists from around the world together in Hong Kong (1994, 1996 and 2005), Bangkok (1998), Sydney (2000), Taiwan (2003), Beijing (2007), Kyoto (2009), Brisbane (2011), Tokyo (2013), and this year in New Zealand (2015). This conference offers an exciting opportunity for the exchange of ideas amongst economists from both sides of the Pacific.   Keynote Addresses hosted by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the New Zealand Treasury will be given by Nobel Laureates Robert F. Engle, New York University, and Christopher A. Sims, […]