Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program – Cycle 6

The priority areas for Cycle 6 include fundamental/basic academic research, Research contributing to the national government’s key result areas, Research focused on the development of products, services, processes, or systems based on the needs and priorities of industry, SMEs and community cooperatives

As a first step, applicants are invited to submit a capsule concept proposal.  The capsule proposal must put forward the intellectual merit of the proposed research and creative work program, the priority areas it intends to address, the strategy for its execution, feasibility of completion, and the proponents’ capability to carry it out.  The deadline for the capsule proposal is November 30, 2014.

Accepted capsule proposals would be requested to submit full proposals to be evaluated by external reviewers and may be further revised or improved accordingly by the proponents.

Click to download the EIDR Cycle 6 Guidelines and forms

Read the OVPAA Memo 2014-70 Call for EIDR Cycle 6