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Distinguished Artists-, Scientists-, and Academics-in-Residence Program

Guidelines for the Distinguished Artists-, Scientists-, and Academics-in-Residence Program

In line with its goal to intensify internationalization and provide world-class education, the University of the Philippines is inviting eminent/renowned/expert writers, musicians, artists, scientists, engineers and academics living overseas to teach and mentor our young researchers and artists. Through the program, our students and young faculty will have the advantage of learning from and building connections with some of the most successful people in their fields around the world. Experts will also benefit from the program through joint projects with their students, and scholarly and creative discourses with our seasoned faculty members.

The program is open to all constituent universities and is limited to a maximum of eight artists, scientists and academics for the entire UP system each academic year.

A. Nomination and Selection

Experts in philosophy, natural sciences, technology, mathematics, engineering, arts, humanities, management, economics and the social sciences who are based abroad, Filipinos or foreigners, may be nominated by the constituent university through its relevant department, school or institute.

Nominations will be screened by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA).

A total of four to eight distinguished artists, scientists and academics will be selected and appointed each year on recommendation by the President to the Board of Regents.

B. Term and Responsibilities

1. The title Artist-in-Residence, Scientist-in-Residence or Academic-in-Residence shall specify, whenever feasible, the field, e.g., Playwright-in-Residence.

2. The Artists-, Scientists-, and Academics-in-Residence shall serve for a term of six months to one year (or one to two semesters). There are no limitations on reappointment.

3. For the duration of the appointment, the Artists-, Scientists-, and Academics-in-Residence shall:
(a) hold graduate/masters classes (at least three units and at most six units per semester);
(b) mentor young faculty members and graduate students;
(c) share their work with the University community through seminars, performances, etc.
(d) collaborate with faculty on research publications, creative work or other output.

4. The Artists-, Scientists-, and Academics-in-Residence shall, at least once during their term, report to the OVPAA on the progress of their work. Before the stint ends, they must submit a written summary report of action.

C. Privileges

Artists-, Scientists-, and Academics-in-Residence will be entitled to:
(a)    a teaching load of not more than six units but not less than three units per semester or trimester;
(b)   an honorarium in addition to the full salary; and
(c)    temporary enjoyment of cumulative vacation and sick leaves during the period of appointment.
They will also receive support for:

(a) air travel;
(b) rental for housing;
(c) local transportation;
(d) a full living allowance;
(e) office, work space and other facilities;
(f) materials required for various activities and events; and
(g) publicity for such events.

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