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Visiting Professor Program

UP is inviting Filipino experts and foreign professors and researchers to spend one to two months in UP to team teach courses, mentor graduate students, and collaborate in research and creative work with UP faculty and researchers. Under the UP Expanded Modernization Program, UP is launching the UP Visiting Professor Program in order to increase the number of mentors for young faculty and graduate students working on their MS, PhD or postdoctoral degrees, as well as improve and encourage the culture of research among its faculty. UP invites you to participate actively in the development of UP as a research university.

The UP Visiting Professor will be invited by (or matched with) a counterpart UP faculty researcher as a research collaborator, co-teacher of graduate courses and advanced undergraduate courses, and co-mentor or co-supervisor of MS, PhD or postdoctoral students. A work plan will be created to build and support the research collaboration and the research group consisting of the visiting professor, the UP faculty researcher and their graduate students.

The UP Visiting Professor is also encouraged to provide the UP faculty researcher and their graduate students the opportunity to visit his/her university and work in his/her laboratory if research funding is obtained.

UP will provide support for a one- to two-month stay in the Philippines each year, for the roundtrip airfare and a reasonable living allowance. The UP Visiting Professor will be provided office space, keep a regular full schedule, and be given the opportunity to team teach courses, discuss research projects with graduate students, and train them to develop research concepts and methodologies, and write grant proposals and papers for publication.

An official appointment will be given to the UP Visiting Professor so that he/she becomes part of the UP’s faculty roster and thereby contributes to UP’s internationalization and international ranking. Moreover, research agreements, sandwich graduate programs or joint-degree granting programs between the UP Visiting Professor’s university and UP, with the UP Visiting Professor and the UP faculty researcher as lead persons, will be strongly encouraged.

For more information download the Guidelines and Forms:

Revised UP Visiting Professor Program (2021)
UP Visiting Professor Program (2012)
VPP Form 7.0 Application
VPP Form 7.1 Application for External Quality Assurance Reviewers
UP Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Undertaking