Internal Academic Assessment and Development System (iAADS)

The iAADS is a common standard for evaluating academic units. Internal academic self-assessment of the core academic functions of each department/institute is a collective responsibility and the process is part of the annual SOPs of the departments/institutes.  The core academic functions include teaching, research and creative works, and extension and public service.

The iAADS features a computerized system for online data entry, storage of data gathered from the quantitative and qualitative self-assessment, and the automatic generation of the iAADS report, which can be used in subsequent academic self-assessments. With automated iAADS report generation, the departments/institutes will be able to benchmark with other departments/ institutes within their college, within the constituent unit (CU), and across constituent units (CUs).  Administrators would also be made aware of the relative activity levels of departments/institutes with regards to the core academic functions of teaching, research, and extension. This would help administrators understand the natural typology of departments/institutes.

A series of consultations with the different CUs led to the incorporation of data that reflects the uniqueness of the CUs. The revised manual contains specific instructions that would enhance the completeness and quality of the data inputted. (Download the revised iAADS Manual.)

Departments/institutes usernames and passwords have already been generated and are currently being linked to their respective Deans’ and Chancellors’ usernames and passwords. After receipt of your username and password through your institutional email address, you may enter your data through the iAADS portal.

For online data submissions, visit the iAADS Portal.
Download the iAADS Manual.