IPA Awardees for July 2012

Brian S. Santos and Jonas P. Quilang
Institute of Biology
College of Science
UP Diliman

Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Arius manillensis and Arius dispar (Siluriformes: Ariidae) Populations in Laguna de Bay, Philippines. Santos, B.S., Quilang, J.P. Philippine Journal of Science 141 (1): 1-11

The sea catfish, kanduli, is an important fishery resource in the Philippines and is abundant in Laguna de Bay. There used to be five species of kanduli in the lake. Due to overfishing and improper fishing equipment, however, their numbers was greatly reduced. Today the kanduli population recovered but only the endemic species A. manillensis and the native species A. dispar remained. These two species look very similar in terms of external appearance and can only be distinguished based on tooth patch morphology. It is important for management purposes to be able to differentiate between the species. In this study, geometric morphometrics was used to examine shape variation between those two species. Geometric morphometrics is a widely used tool in studying shape variation in fish populations, especially in morphologically similar groups. Samples were taken from Binangonan, Tanay, and Calamba areas of Laguna de Bay. Shape differences between species and their populations were significant, but the groups were difficult to differentiate due to high overlaps in Canonical Variate Analysis (CVA) plots. This was attributed to possible introgression between A. manillensis and A. dispar.

Farisal U. Bagsit and Caridad Jimenez
Institute of Fisheries Policy and Development Studies
College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
UP Visayas

Gender Roles in the Mangrove Reforestation Programmes in Barangay Talokgangan, Banate, Iloilo, Philippines: A Case Study Where Women Have Sustained the Efforts. Farisal U. Bagsit and Caridad N. Jimenez. 2012. Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries: Moving the Agenda Forward. Asian Fisheries Science Special Issue Vol.25S (2012):207-215 © Asian Fisheries Society. ISSN 0116-6514

The Banate-Barotac Bay Resource Management Council Inc. (BBBRMCI), an inter-local government unit (LGU) alliance between the municipalities of Barotac Nuevo, Anilao, Banate and Barotac Viejo, in the Province of Iloilo was created in 1996 with the aim to restore, preserve, and create opportunities and save the Banate-Barotac Bay from further deterioration. One of the early initiatives of the BBBRMCI was the rehabilitation of mangrove forests and major efforts under this initiative include the awarding 3.5 ha of mangrove area in Barangay Talokgangan, Banate, Iloilo to a people’s organization (PO) named Talokgangan Concerned Citizen Association (TaCCAs). The TaCCAs was organized, through the assistance of the BBBRMCI, in response to deteriorating conditions in the coastal barangay of Talokgangan. When established in 1997, more members were men than women, but by 2010 most of the members of TaCCAs were women. This paper highlights the significant role played by women in the mangrove reforestation project of the TaCCAs. Women’s participation was higher in the planning process, during meetings, nursery development and in maintenance, as well as in mangrove management and protection whereas men were involved in the construction and maintenance of fences in the mangrove area. The members of TaCCAs are determined to sustain the organization in spite of its low membership. The commitment and cooperation of the members to serve TaCCAs has increased their consciousness of coastal resource management. The reforestation project has afforded them protection along the coastal zone and has also provided them additional income through the sale of seedlings/propagules. These are concrete benefits, felt by TaCCAs members and the community as a whole, which can serve to promote more active participation in the organization and other similar initiatives. Community involvement, particularly in this case women’s participation, can sustain a development project.

Link to the article http://www.afsjournal.asianfisheriessociety.org/modules/library/singlefile.php?cid=223&lid=984

Vachel Gay V. Paller, Bonifacio V. Labatos Jr., Beatriz M. Lontoc, Olivio E. Matalog, and Pablo P. Ocampo.
Animal Biology Division, Limnological Research Station

College of Arts and Sciences
UP Los Baños

Freshwater Fish Fauna in Watersheds of Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve, Laguna, Philippines. Paller VGV, BV Labatos, BM Lontoc, OE Matalog and PP Ocampo. 2011. The Philippine Journal of Science 140(2):195-206.

Survey of freshwater fishes was done in watersheds of Mt. Makiling, Laguna, Philippines. These watersheds include Molawin Creek, Dampalit Falls and Cambantoc River, all in the Province of Laguna, Philippines and directly under the management of University of the Philippines Los Baños. Ten families were observed in the areas. Two native species, Biyang bato (Glossogobius celebius) and Bangayngay (Giuris margaritacea), were found to be common in all the watersheds of the forest reserve. The three watersheds are almost similar in species composition with similarity index computed at 72 %. The study revealed that Makiling Forest Reserve harbors a diverse community of fish. Conservation efforts must focus on protecting these areas to guarantee the continuous existence of these diminutive species which are very important components of our freshwater ecosystems.

Link to the article http://philjournalsci.dost.gov.ph/vol140no2/pdfs/Freshwater Fish Fauna in Watersheds of Mt Makiling.pdf

Jose Maria P. Balmaceda and Jryl P. Maralit
Institute of Mathematics
College of Science
UP Diliman

Leonard triples from Leonard pairs constructed from the standard basis of the Lie algebra sl2. Jose Maria P. Balmaceda and Jryl P. Maralit, Leonard triples from Leonard pairs constructed from the standard basis of the Lie algebra sl2, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Vol 437 No. 7 (2012) 1961-1977.

Let K denote an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero and n denote a positive integer. An ordered triple of square matrices A1, A2, and A3 of size n is called a Leonard triple on the vector space Kn if there exist bases B1, B2, and B3, of Kn such that with respect to the base Bi, the matrix representing Ai is diagonal and the matrices representing theother two others are irreducible tridiagonal. A Leonard triple is an extension of a combinatorial and algebraic object called a Leonard pair. The latter was introduced by Paul Terwilliger in his research on distance-regular graphs and association schemes. Leonard triples and Leonard pairs have found connections and applications in representation theory, combinatorics, and the theory of orthogonal polynomials. In this paper, the authors solve a problem posed by Terwilliger which asks for the complete determination of Leonard triples from a certain family of Leonard pairs constructed from the standard basis of the Lie algebra sl2. Information obtained from the structure of these Leonard triples may contribute to the ambitious goal of classifying all distance-regular graphs.

Link to the article http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S002437951200328X