IPA Guidelines for Books/Book Chapters

International Publication Award


Books/Chapter of Books

 1.    Purpose

Like the award for ISI journal articles, this award aims to reinforce scholarly publications by faculty and REPS and project the University in the global community of academic institutions.

2.    Eligibility

Regular faculty, including those on sabbatical and secondment to other agencies, regular REPS in active service, clinical faculty and emeritus professors are eligible for the award.

3.    Scope of Award

Only books or chapters of books published by recognized international academic book publishers, prestigious university presses and other highly regarded international publishers (e.g., Macmillan, Random House, Blackwell, Routledge, Harcourt, Brace & Co., Elsevier and Garland) shall be covered by the award.

4.    Value of Award

4.1         Sole authors of books or book chapters that meet the standards set in these guidelines shall receive an award of P55,000 per chapter and P110,000 for a book. These amounts may be raised from time to time.

4.2         In the case of co-authorship, the award shall be divided equally among the number of authors, local or foreign. Only UP authors eligible for the award shall receive it, provided the book/chapter is published while they are on active service or before their retirement or resignation from the University.

5.  Requirements

5.1      The author(s) of the chapter or book must clearly be identified as belonging to UP. If the chapter or book was produced while on sabbatical abroad or as a result of a joint project with foreign scholars, proper acknowledgement must be given the foreign institution that accommodated the faculty or supported the project; the UP address/affiliation of the author(s) must nonetheless be indicated in the publication (either in a footnote, as a byline, or in the book’s author information.

5.2      The chapter or book must fall within the discipline or related field of the author. For example, a work of poetry shall not be entertained if authored by faculty or REPS outside the field of creative writing, unless there is sufficient proof of prior recognition of the author as a serious practitioner in the field of creative writing as determined by the VPAA, upon consultation with known literary figures.

5.3      The chapter must be a complete, solid piece of research or creative work. If one’s work (e.g. poem) is included or cited in a chapter or book authored by another, the cited portion shall not qualify for the award. In addition, certain articles (e.g. tribute/testimonial to a known figure, filler between chapters) shall not qualify. The VPAA shall evaluate all articles as to their eligibility upon consultation with experts in the field.

5.4      Books or chapters of books published by international publishers must have gone through a rigid blind referee or review process. Evidence that the publication has undergone a review process, such as comments/communication from the reviewer(s) and/or editor, shall be submitted along with the required documents.

5.5      Books published by foundations, government agencies; NGOs, professional societies, international commissions, and non-academic bodies shall not qualify.

5.6      To qualify, a recently updated book must contain new contributions to knowledge. Books published before the start of the award (1999) shall not qualify.

5.7         Authors eligible for the award may receive it as often as they publish. However, a book or chapter may be awarded only once.

5.8         An article for which an IPA was granted shall not qualify again for an IPA if it appears as a chapter in another book or in an ISI-indexed journal. However, if a chapter for which the author was awarded is subsequently developed by the author into a book published by a reputable international publisher, the author may be eligible for an IPA in the book category.

6.   Procedure

6.1         The author shall submit a copy of the book (to be returned to the author) or the book chapter to the VPAA for evaluation. Copyright pages, table of contents, prefaces, list of authors, evidence of author(s) identification with UP, and other pertinent pages shall accompany the copy of the book/chapter.

6.2         Evidence that the publication has undergone a review process, such as comments/communication from the reviewer(s) and/or editor shall also be submitted. Additional information from the publisher regarding review policies, and other relevant information that will assist the evaluation of the publication may also accompany the application for the award.

6.3         The VPAA shall evaluate all applications for the award and consult specialists whenever necessary, who can provide additional information on the reputation of the publisher and the quality of its publications.

6.4         Should a publication for which a faculty or REPS was awarded later be withdrawn or retracted by the publisher owing to misrepresentation of data or authorship, plagiarism, or some unethical act, the author(s) shall return the full amount of the award, without prejudice to the application of other University sanctions.