Journal articles with the International Publication Award (2016)

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ARTS AND HUMANITIES: This paper analyzes the Philippine Educational Theater Association’s stage musical, Care Divas, for its figuration of the Filipino migrant worker as bakla and for its consequent queering of labor out-migration from the Philippines

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: A huge international study of global causes of death has revealed that since 1990, there has been a profound change in risk factors for death

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: How do senescent cells contribute to skin aging?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Four companies that collect hospital wastes in Manila conform to the standards of the World Health Organization and to local rules and regulations

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The use of Mosquito Larvicidal Trap as an integral component of dengue vector control program may enhance reduction in density of mosquitoes at immature stages thus lessening dependency on adulticiding efforts

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The paper investigates the stabilization of viscoelastic wave equations with distributed or boundary delay

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The research describes new strategies for making porous materials known as zeolites towards improvement of their property to absorb molecules and compounds

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This study aims to develop microwave atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment as non-thermal food processing technology to be used by the food industry in order to achieve both optimal fresh-like characteristics and recommended safety level

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The isolated strains containing the phylum TM7 might play an important role in 1,4- dioxane degradation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Does the type of ventilation increase the risk of hospital-acquired infection in public hospital buildings in the Philippines?


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Does the type of ventilation increase the risk of hospital-acquired infection in public hospital buildings in the Philippines?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Metro Manila bus drivers are exposed to hazardous working conditions such as long working hours, fatigue and lack of sleep and engaged in unsafe behaviors such as overspeeding and road racing

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: In wastewater treatment dealing with ACT and other persistent organic pollutants, the present study provides a better photocatalytic degradation route by K2S2O8-modified TiO2 than by pristine TiO2

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: It is necessary to attend to climate change issues not only for the protection of the environment but also for maintaining people’s health

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Poorer voters are more likely to select media celebrities than are wealthier voters but they are no more likely to pick dynastic candidates

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Other than the South China Sea (SCS) disputes, the Philippines in 2015 faced the same conditions as in 1996: keeping a sustainable peace in Mindanao, presidential elections, and a promising economy

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Tiny RNAs provide fine control of a switch in cell proliferation critical in cancer development

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The addition of tropodithietic acid, which is secreted by several species of Alteromonadeles, drastically changed the microbial social structure within a short span of time

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Single-layer VS2 polytypes are good candidate materials for sodium-ion battery anode

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This study determines the removal of nickel from a synthetic Watts bath electroplating composition (NiCl2_6H2O, NiSO4_6H2O, and H3BO3) by homogeneous fluidized-bed granulation process

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Local military units have a limited number of activities that featured seminal outward linkages, resource and expertise sharing with civilian actors from 2010-2014

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Graphene oxide was incorporated into a chitosan–poly(acrylic acid) porous polymer nanocomposite for enhanced lead adsorption

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This article aims to study the limiting behaviors of optimal control problems based on an elliptic boundary value problem with highly oscillating coefficients in a periodically perforated domain

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Fluidized-bed homogeneous granulation process was used to treat nickel containing wastewaters by recovering nickel in the form of nickel carbonate hydroxide granules with low moisture content

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Oxidative desulfurization was used under mild conditions, with hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant, phosphotungstic acid as a catalyst and tetraoctylammonium bromide as a phase transfer agent, to convert sulfur-containing compounds in diesel to their sulfone forms

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: The juxtaposition of state intentions along with the actual value of economic indicators allow an analysis that structures the type of economic engagement between China and the Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Encapsulation in maltodextrin–gum Arabic and maltodextrin–pectin matrices afforded dry betalain powders with higher antioxidant capacities after freeze-drying

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The application of atmospheric pressure plasma jet on biofilm-forming Pseudomonasaeruginosa aims to develop non-thermal decontamination technology for food contact surfaces

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: As microorganisms experience sublethal stresses prior to UV-C treatment, it is deemed necessary to understand the effects of prior stresses on the efficacy of UV-C treatment of food products such as fruit juices

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Gene expression dynamics in the shallow water sponge was investigated to better understand the thermal stress response of marine sponges

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Coconut liquid endosperm is sensitive to heat processing and requires less destructive yet effective food processing technique to ensure safety


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: An integro- differential equation has a power series solution

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Nature is central in three features of agrarian change in Laguna Lake: commodity widening in the fisheries sector, aquaculture producer strategies of working with nature’s materiality, and corresponding transformations in lake villages

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: What are the properties of fuel pellets from Philippine agricultural residues such as rice straw, rice hull and corn cobs?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Among four Philippine plants, luyang dilaw is the most toxic against the diamondback moth when applied topically and through leaf residue film method

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Mussels from Bacoor Bay, Cavite that tested positive for  Vibrio cholerae bacteria are red flags for public health intervention

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: In April of 2013, a bloom of the cyanobacteria called Trichodesmium as well as 19 other potentially harmful microalgae was observed in San Pedro Bay

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: The six market sector indices of the Philippine Stock Exchange are co-integrated which means that the they follow a common trend and have a long-run relationship

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Lesson study is built upon a framework that deeply involves teachers in a research-based and collaborative planning, implementing, and evaluating their current teaching strategies

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Soil and Water Assessment Tool characterized the basin hydrology of a river basin in Cambodia using 26 years of weather data while River Basin Management Support System MODSIM modelled the hydropower operation and water allocation optimization for domestic and irrigation

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Clay mineralogical and geochemical data made it possible to describe the modern South China Sea sediment transport processes from the river mouth to the continental shelf and then to the abyssal basin 


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A simplified methodology for molecular analysis of Vibrio cholera detected a possible relationship between isolates present in Cameroon and two isolates from Mozambique

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: How did formal institutions conduct themselves in both the emergency and rehabilitation phases after disasters?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Test-negative design may be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against cholera

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: How did institutions enable women survivors to adapt to the Haiyan devastation?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Green’s functions for space-fractional quantum systems with perturbation were obtained

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Celebrity culture in the Philippines is a microcosm of democratised capitalism wherein consumers, spectators, cultural industries and even the celebrities collectively develop parasociality as a function of cultural influence

MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS: The study uses household indicators other than income to arrive at better methods of predicting a household’s true socioeconomic class

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A simplified methodology for molecular analysis of Vibrio cholera detected a possible relationship between isolates present in Cameroon and two isolates from Mozambique


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Researchers came up with a very simple sufficient condition that guarantees a mixed state to be entangled based on the number of maximally entangled pure states in the mixture and their dimension

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: What is the risk of repeated stroke in children?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The efficacy of different herbicides in combination with the timing of soil saturation (flooding) for controlling the emergence and survival of six major weeds, and their toxic effect on the rice crop was evaluated

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Transgenic papaya with delayed ripening trait shows similar proximate composition with non-transgenic fruits

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: How does Ischaemumrugosum Salisb. (wrinkled grass) respond to different nitrogen rates and rice seeding rates?

ARTS AND HUMANITIES: Entanglement was used as a concept for understanding contemporary theatre in Manila

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The diversity of the fungus Ustilago scitaminea is a threat to the Philippine sugarcane industry

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Plant-fungal interaction studies led to the  discovery of  a hidden resistance gene in wheat 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Rice (Oryza sativa) planting density and nitrogen rates have ecological significance in managing the growth and competitive ability of itchgrass (Rottboellia cochinchinensis) in direct-seeded rice systems 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Toxins from Fusarium fujikuroi: Is there a link to the degree of infection on the rice plant?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Crinkle grass, which could be found growing rapidly in all idle fishponds, could be included in the diet of Nile tilapia to replace the imported soybean meal up to 12.6 percent, equivalent to 45 percent soybean meal replacement

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Tilapia diets with the addition of lysine grew faster and bigger and converted the diet into flesh more efficiently

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Hot water extract of mistletoe mediates anti-cancer effects on human hepatocarcinoma cell

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: HGlehnia littoralis root extract induces cell cycle arrest in human breast cancer

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: General stress is higher among females, younger age-group and those who have reached college level of education

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Hypertension is seen more in males, urban dwellers, employed or with an elementary level of education

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: There is an unequal distribution of hospitals and healthcare professionals, most of them being concentrated in Metro Manila

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Smokers prefer spicy taste while non-smokers like sweet foods

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Of 3,072 participants aged 20-50 years old, about a quarter has Metabolic syndrome, a collection of risk factors such as elevated blood pressure, elevated blood glucose, central obesity, elevated triglycerides and low good cholesterol 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The Short Form 36 (SF-36) Health Survey is a generic instrument which assesses functional health and well-being from the patient’s perspective 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A coupled system of partial differential equations modeling the interaction of a fluid and a structure with delay in the feedback was studied 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study examines a hyperbolic two component system of partial differential equations in one space dimension with ODE boundary conditions describing the flow of an incompressible fluid in an elastic tube that is connected to a tank at each end

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: In Capul, belief in deities may have contributed to respect for fish sanctuaries

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Poor access to improved sanitation was associated with cholera; however, despite access to improved water sources, cholera remains to be seen

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The promiscuity of RXR control may originate from multiple factors, including (1) the frustrated fit of cognate ligand 9c to the RXR binding pocket and (2) the different ligand- binding features of TR (loose) versus CAR (tight) to their corresponding cognate ligand

JULY 2016

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study examines the first land-based tardigrade reported from the Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: What are the statistical properties of the Bohol 2013 earthquake aftershocks?

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Who is the rich, the poor, and the middle class?

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Study shows a new approach in evaluating teaching performance using student rating

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The effect of sodium activation, ion-exchange with tertiary amine salt, surface treatment with non-ionic surfactant, and wet grinding of bentonite on hardness and mechanical properties of natural rubber nanocomposites was studied

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: X-linked recessive dystonia-parkinsonism is a rare movement disorder that is highly prevalent in Panay Island, Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Through computer modelling, the effects of fluctuating wind speeds on the performance of vertical axis wind turbines were investigated using different blade profiles

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This paper examined why the thrips are occasional pests in mango trees in some areas in Indonesia but are serious pests in other areas

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The bioaccumulation of lead by the acanthocephalan parasites showed to be a thousand-fold higher than the fish hosts of Nile Tilapia from Sampaloc Lake in Laguna

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The study is the first randomized, placebo-controlled trial on the use of levodopa for the symptomatic treatment of X-linked dystonia parkinsonism

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The variation in oxygen isotope ratio of phosphate is due to uptake process in corals

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The growth of copper nanowires by electroless deposition in aqueous solution was studied from an electrochemical perspective

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The diversity in Philippine eggplant varieties was explored

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Are university students in the Philippines hypertensive?

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: What are the roles of men and women in aquatic agricultural systems in the Philippines?

JUNE 2016

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Why was typhoon Haiyan so bad and how does it compare with its historic predecessor in 1897?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Can rice thrive in salty environment?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Saussurea involucrata, a Mongolian medicinal plant, has anticancer activity

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Elevated phosphorus results in nitrogen limitation and continued eutrophic conditions in a mariculture affected area

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Elevated phosphorus results in nitrogen limitation and continued eutrophic conditions in mariculture areas

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The corrosion behavior of stainless steel at two different levels of dissolved oxygen and three acid concentrations was investigated

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The corrosion behavior of a cheaper grade of stainless steel in three different solution temperatures of citric acid was investigated using different electrochemical techniques

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Improvement in the handlebar design of a hand tractor resulted significantly reduced the vibration transmitted to the operator during idling operation

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Trafficked women in the Philippines are likely to drink alcohol, use illegal drugs and avoid HIV tests

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Abalone fisheries in the Philippines are gendered spaces

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Immunostimulant supplementation increases muscle  growth in shrimps

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Legionella spp, which causes Legionnaires’ disease, is present in the cooling tower of a Metro Manila hospital

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Difference is a concept that, recently, has become transdiciplinary

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: New genetic variants were found in a Filipino patient with classical homocystinuria

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: New species of Marsdenia discovered were in the Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Phyllanthus species can be used to clean up nickel-contaminated areas and can be planted in mined-out areas for future farming of nickel

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Research expedition reveals the geologic history of the South China Sea

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: New species of rattans were discovered in the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: New species of rattan were found in Java, Indonesia

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Beams are both subluminal and dispersive even in free spacea

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Quantum bound states in space-fractional systems were studied

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Quantum tunneling in space-fractional systems was investigated

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Lane changing among cars can sometimes improve flow but more often, cars changing lanes block the rest of the road

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Giant clams may survive periodic fluctuating salinity conditions but prolonged and extreme changes could compromise their survival

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Characterization of the base of the marine food web was made easier with the use of an auto-imaging device

MAY 2016

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A reliable mechanical test for noodle texture is being developed

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The author investigates the shear strength and deformation characteristics of mine tailings in the Philippines

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: The photographs of Dean C. Worcester reflect the paradigm of social evolutionism and provide substantial visual evidence of the Igorots’ way of life

ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT: Male household heads spend international remittances on alcohol and tobacco while female heads increase allocations to goods that improve the welfare of the children

ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT: How do interventions raise voluntary enrollment in a social health insurance scheme?

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The aim of this study is to synthesize Fe-TiO2 on granular activated carbon support via hydrothermal method

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Low thermoelectric materials based on doped ZnO and CuxO were fabricated to harvest heat energy for electrical energy generation

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Is politics a men’s sport in Europe?

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Political participation, particularly electoral participation, of women in the Middle East is a continuing issue

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Authority emerges from conflictive processes and shapes rights and powers over forests

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Contextual factors influence performance of marine reserve networks 

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Landslide maps generated using Stability Index Mapping were highly consistent with the actual landslides derived from high-resolution satellite imagery

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Deposition pressure and the distance between the zinc oxide target and silicon substrate were varied to investigate the effect on the crystallinity, morphology and elemental composition of the samples

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Deposition pressure and the distance between the zinc oxide target and silicon substrate were varied to investigate the effect on the crystallinity, morphology and elemental composition of the samples

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: How do Twitter conversations about disasters evolve over time?

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Teachers were empowered to do critical reflection on their current teaching practices against students’ responses

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The Langmuir-Blodgett technique controls thei arrangement of molecules in photon up-conversion

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: What is the economic potential of establishing smallholder citronella grass plantation for essential oil production?