Journal articles with the International Publication Award (2019)

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SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Two Bacillus strains isolated from saline tilapia mucus remarkably reduced shrimp pathogen

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Mature female danggit of 7-14 cm length shows a twentyfold increase in egg production

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A larval parasitoid can be mass reared and released to manage insect pests

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Luyang dilaw is toxic to the cabbage worm when applied directly to the insect or sprayed on leaf

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Microscopic examination shows two algal epiphytes of water hyacinth that are reported for the first time in the Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Glyphosate is the most commonly applied herbicide in the vast majority of citrus groves in Florida

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Demand for mobile phones continues to increase and waste mobile phones pose threats to the environment and human health

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Measuring changes in the level of corruption across time is more challenging than measuring corruption

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Advanced oxidation processes are effective in removing emerging contaminants


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The sponge Gelliodes obtusa and its microbes are resilient to eutrophic stress

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The average performance of a horizontal axis wind turbine goes down in unsteady flows

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Electrocoagulation can treat wastewater containing pharmaceutical active compounds

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A low-cost photometer based on microcontroller and a chemiluminescence method for determining pesticide chlorpyrifos were developed

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: There is a high incidence of antibiotic resistance among pregnant women with urinary tract infection

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Increase in parental stress levels slightly decreases visual immediate memory and learning in children

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The majority of Escherichia coli strains isolated from healthy chickens are resistant to several types of drugs

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: How do researchers and policy-makers in Southeast Asia perceive food and nutrition security issues

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Where do populations of Magnaporthe oryzae in an island come from

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This paper presents the complete genome sequence of a novel nitrogen-fixing bacteria

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Use of antimicrobials in poultry production should be restricted to minimize the risk of antimicrobial resistance transfer

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The pinuchu, a managed forest, in Ifugao is rich in biodiversity

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Leaf architecture, particularly the venation pattern, is a good taxonomic tool in delineating Diplazium species

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Vegetation on Mt. Hilong is diverse, unique and culturally important


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Adding Sargassum spp. detritus to sediment increased growth rates and survival of sandfish juveniles

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This research investigates the structure of Lie algebras associated to a class of matrices called S-unitary matrices

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The use of plants by the local communities in Kabayan, Benguet is entwined with cultural practices

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Unreported dengue cases are due to the low number of individuals seeking treatment and inadequate public health facilities

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A novel analytical method in quantifying biomolecules can produce results in a few minutes

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Deployment of corn varieties resistant to the Asian corn borer is a cheaper, more environment-friendly control method

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Lead content in brown rice from Nueva Ecija, Ilo-ilo and Bukidnon exceeds the allowable limit

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Adsorption of hydrogen weakens the adsorption of cesium on tungsten surface

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Using adhesive with tobacco stalks can make plywood resistant to wood-boring insects

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Annual rainfall, population growth rate and distance to ports greatly affect village-level poverty

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: A new glutathione s-transferase, an antioxidant, was identified in the tick Haemaphysalis longicornis

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The level of histamine content in dried fish products in retail markets exceeds the safe limit

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Fish silage can serve as a feeding stimulant, growth and immune enhancer in white shrimps

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Using a net cod end with the smallest mesh size increases the catch but only with an increase in current speed

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Modified atmosphere packaging resulted in the highest sprouting percentage of minitubers

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Guava leaf and mangosteen rind extracts can control soft rot in Chinese cabbage

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: Progressive development of urban settlements empowers the poor


ARTS AND HUMANITIES: Philippine Shakespeare resonates only in the forests of global Shakespeare’s archival silences

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Kapok fibers can be used to create paper

ARTS AND HUMANITIES:  The events of the Corona impeachment were classified into the different elements of Social Drama Theory

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Kapok fibers are effective and economical sorbent materials

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Acetylene films delay biofilm formation on surfaces

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Almost all stationary fishing gears in New Washington-Batan estuary had considerable damage from Typhoon Haiyan

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The true giant clam Tridacna gigas is perhaps the most endangered among giant clams with a wide range distribution

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: This paper gives a new method for approximating the Moore–Penrose generalized inverse using metric projections onto level sets

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Indoor spaces were portrayed in 3D using omnidirectional images which are easier to collect and process than common 3D datasets

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Using macrophyte detritus as supplemental food in nursery rearing of juvenile sea cucumber Stichopus cf. horrens is not advisable

SOCIAL SCIENCES AND LAW: This study estimates the cost of hospitalization from schistosomiasis and its complications using a cross-sectional mixed methods approach

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: High pH-thriving bacteria from a hyperalkaline spring (pH 11) have the ability to degrade plastic

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Breeding for resistance to bacterial wilt in potato needs to be tested against two genomic species

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Citronella essential oil is a potential alternative to fungicides for the management of chilli anthracnose

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Pyrethrum and opium poppy are also hosts of the parasite Spongospora subterranea

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Neurocysticercosis, which results from ingestion of pork tapeworm eggs, is the most common infectious disease of the central nervous system

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The burden of hydrocephalus is 20 times higher in low- and middle-income countries than in high-income countries

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: It is important to identify which neurosurgical procedures should be accessible to patients, even at district or provincial hospitals

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Genetic variants are important causes of congenital hearing impairment in the Philippines

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Genetic polymorphisms are possible modifiers of colorectal cancer risk among Filipinos