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Event. Agham + Sining: A Showcase of University’s Technology, Research, and Creative Work on 28-29 November 2022.


The Call for Proposals is now open! The UP System General Education (GE) Conference 2022 will feature keynote, plenary, and parallel sessions on global perspectives on liberal and general education, the UP GE program and the Filipino nation, and teaching and learning GE. We invite the GE faculty to submit proposals* for the individual and panel presentations. For more information about this event and submission of proposals, visit or scan the QR code on the posters. (*OVPAA Memorandum 2022-106)









OVPAA Memorandum 2022-122. UP System is now calling for applications to Scientific Productivity System (SPS) 2022-2024. The deadline for submission by the CUs to OVPAA is on 30 September 2022.

PDLC Memorandum 22-11: Call for Applications to ONE UP Professorial Chair and Faculty Grants Awards 2022-2024

JULY 2022

OVPAA Memorandum 2022-94: Extension of the deadline for submission of applications to One UP Professorial Chair and Faculty Grant (2022-2024) to 07 July 2022.

JUNE 2022

Team Mediasina among Top 3 Finalists in the 2021 APRU Global Health Student Case Competition. Six UP students from the College of Medicine formed Team Mediasina, and is among the top 3 finalists in the 2021 APRU Global Health Student Case Competition. The annual competition consists of proposing a solution regarding ongoing health problems around the world, with the focus this year being the spread of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Team Mediasina proposed their solution called, “Project Dinig”.

UP System successfully concludes GE Conference 2021. Watch the GE Conversations, Plenary Conversations and Recap Video.

APRIL 2022

Event: Save the Date! 2022 Research Symposium for EIDR Cycle 8 Projects on 7-8 April 2022, 1:00-5:00 PM. To register click here.

AUN-QA Workshop on Writing SAR: The AUN-QA will be conducting another round of the “Online Workshop on Writing Self-Assessment Report (SAR) for Successful AUN-QA Programme Assessment (Version 4.0)” on 21-22 February and 4 March 2022, and 18-19, 29 April 2022. To register, click here.

MARCH 2022

We are looking for a Senior Project Officer to join our team! This posting is for a full-time, contract of service position. Read the qualifications and responsibilities here.


OVPAA Memorandum 2022-02: Extending the Deadline for Submission of Applications (New and Renewal) to the UP Scientific Productivity System Batch 2021-2023. Deadline of submission by Constituent Universities to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is now extended until 31 January 2022.

OVPAA Memorandum 2021-146: Call for New and Renewal Applications to the Scientific Productivity System Batch 2021-2023. Deadline of submission by Constituent Universities to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is on or before 15 January 2022. Click here for SPS forms and guidelines.


Call for Abstracts: Submit abstracts and open forum topics for the ASEAN QA Forum 2021 with the theme, “The Way Forward: Assuring Quality in Diverse and Remote Learning Environments”. The deadline is extended to 12 October 2021.

Invitation: DOST’s virtual event: Empowering R&I collaboration to respond to the socio-economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic on 14 October 2021, 7:30PM PST.

JUNE 2021

Happy 112th Foundation Day, UP! The national university is mandated to perform its unique and distinctive leadership in higher education and development

UP advances to 65th in THE Asia University Rankings. It is one of the five Southeast Asian institutions and the only Philippine university in the top 100

Call: University Museums Research Symposium 2021: Call for Papers. Deadline: on or before 20 June 2021.


UP Diliman’s NIP becomes ATLAS Associate Member at CERN. The National Institute of Physics (NIP) became an Associate Member of the ATLAS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider, which is run by the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN


CALL: Applications to the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research (EIDR) Program Cycle 9. Deadline: on or before 7 December 2020. Download the forms here.

UPDATE: Extension of the Deadline for EIDR Cycle 9 Applications on or before 14 December 2020.

CALL: UP Korea Research Center Call for Papers. HanPil: Studies on Korea and the Philippines. Deadline: before 31 December 2020


Event: 16th UP Manila Science and Technology Week: Research Integrity-Developing a Culture for the Responsible Conduct of Research on 24 November 2020, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

CALL: UP Scientific Productivity System Batch 2020-2022. Deadline: on or before 30 November 2020

JULY 2020

Four entries from UP in APRU’s Quarantunes. Please show your support to our UP students by casting your votes until 27 July 2020

JUNE 2020

UP shortlisted for research excellence category in Times Higher Education Awards Asia. The category looks at Asian universities that are considered “unsung heroes”

Seven UP researchers named 2020 Outstanding Young Scientists. They have been chosen based on contributions to the advancement of science in general and in the Philippines

CALL: 2020 Joint Research Project Call for Proposals between the Philippines Department of Science and Technology and the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology. Deadline: before 26 June 2020


UP breaks into top 500 in world rankings. It is still the leading university in the Philippines

TUP breaks into top 500 in world rankings. It is still the leading university in the Philippines


Two UP researchers make history as 2019 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos. This is the first time that UP had more than one winner for the same year

JULY 2019

New genus of shipworm found in the Philippines feeds on stone. It is the first shipworm to burrow through stone rather than wood

JUNE 2019

Eight UP researchers among the 2019 Outstanding Young Scientists. The award is given by NAST PHL, the country’s highest recognition and scientific advisory body

UP climbs higher in world university rankings. It appeared in the top 33 percent of the list

Event: UPKRC-SNUAC “Korea in Asia” Webinar Series (1): The Post-Corona19 Economic Outlook in Asia-pacific Area: Issues and Perspectives” by Dr. Hak K. Pyo (Professor Emeritus, The Faculty of Economics, Seoul National University) on 05 June 2020.

MAY 2019

New genus and species of shipworm found in the Philippines. After nearly 100 years, a new genus of shipworm has been discovered by scientists

Gender mainstreaming for students opens with consultative workshop. The workshop will be followed by a system-wide training of trainers

UP achieves top 100 ranking in THE Asia. It now appears in the upper 100 of two most widely referenced rankings in the world

UP Artists for 2016-2018, 2017-2019 and 2018-2020. Almost one-third come from the fine arts

UP has 71 UP Scientists for 2018-2020. They represent different fields of scientific inquiry

Lunop Han Dughan (Voice of Yolanda) of UP Diliman, UP Visayas Tacloban makes world premiere. The project explores the use of music in helping alleviate the sufferings of disaster survivors

2019 Gémino H Abad Awards winners and finalists announced. A total of 22 entries from five constituent universities vied for the top prizes

UP holds press conference on newly discovered Homo luzonensis. The arrival of the species in Luzon could have been deliberate than accidental

UP researchers co-discover new human species in Luzon. Called Homo luzonensis, it lived around the same time as Homo sapiens

APRIL 2019

EVENT: Colloquium “Beyond Craft: Creative Writing Studies in the Philippines” to be held on 30 April in UP Diliman

CALL: 2019 APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education. Deadline: 26 April 2019

UP ranks 87th among top universities in emerging economies. The national university climbed 79 places in a period of one year

UP to host regional quality assurance meeting. Chief quality officers will talk about systems and mechanisms for enhancing higher education quality in ASEAN

UP ranking in Asia-Pacific rises. The new ranking reflects UP’s positive outcomes in the World University Rankings

A promising alternative for removing pharmaceutical contaminants in wastewater. Researchers show how it can be made efficient in cost and energy

Sponge-microbe partnership can thrive in a high nutrient environment. The microbial community diversity was largely the same in a nutrient-rich fish farm

UP enters top 100 for development studies. The national university maintained its position in other subjects

Simple invisibility cloak from off-the-shelf lenses. UP scientists created a Rochester cloak that was not constrained by focal lengths

MARCH 2019

EVENT: 6th Interdisciplinary Book Forum to highlight nature conservation and indigenous peoples

UP holds system workshop to streamline student academic processes, university academic calendar. Participants discussed standardizing procedures in view of the requirements of national policies and quality assurance initiatives

Philippine Genome Center explores more linkage opportunities with foreign experts. It is in talks with former head of international center for inherited disease diagnostics and research

Four UP researchers make it to Asian Scientist 100 for 2019. This brings the total number of selected UP researchers to 10


Proactive monitoring and agricultural innovations to reduce farmers’ vulnerability to climate change. Project SARAi is developing a national crop forecasting and monitoring system for nine priority crops in the country

UP, LSHTM lead 2nd Int’l Workshop in ‘Omics in Infectious Diseases. The workshop focused on active surveillance and rapid identification of drug-resistant pathogens and infectious disease control and management

UP achieves big move in natural, social sciences in new subject rankings. It placed 7th globally for citations in the clinical, pre-clinical and health disciplines


Prolonging the storage life of minimally processed tropical fruits. Introducing an ethylene antagonist can extend the shelf life of fresh products

International collaboration in scientific publication. Last year, UP collaborated with over 100 foreign institutions for some of its publications

UP improves ranking among universities in Asia. The top 15 percent includes the national university

System-wide conference for research, extension and professional staff. The contributions of REPS to UP’s vision and mission will be reviewed


UP continues upward trend in world rankings; joins top 5 from Southeast Asia. UP has consistently made progress in the rankings since its entry in 2017

2017 International Publication Award: Facts and figures. More than 500 submissions were given the award

UP ranked in world’s top 500 for graduate employability. It obtained its best score in alumni outcomes for producing “world-changing graduates”


UP CIFAL Philippines champions sustainable development goals. The center focuses on migration and development and gender equality

UP professor named Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipino. She has inspired peers and students as researcher and teacher

Using interdisciplinary tools to study an age-old weaving tradition in the Philippines. Anthropology, mathematics and materials science contributed to documenting the unique textiles

2019 QS World University Rankings: UP has strong employer reputation globally. It ranked 168th globally based on the results of a world survey on institutions providing the best professionals

In which subject areas did UP publish more? Almost half of the University’s publications since 1911 were in two subject areas


UP geologist wins medal for pioneering work on geodynamics of the Philippines. Her work is key to a better understanding of how the Philippines was formed

UP assistant professor who heads lab for sustainable energy supply dev’t is one of new ASEAN S&T fellows. The fellows were selected based on their track record and potential to promote science-based policy-making in the region

UP rises to top 50% of ranked universities from emerging economies. UP has been ranked 166th, a massive leap from its 201st-250th position in 2017

Course modules for revised GE program finalized at system-wide conference. Faculty members also exchanged ideas about program implementation and evaluation

JULY 2018

Alternative modernity and integrity of local knowledge: UP College of Music’s Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Project on Arts and Culture. The project argues that politics can be made through the arts and humanities, in short, through culture

UP convenes 1st Philippine Koreanist Congress to strengthen academic, cultural ties. Connections with Korean institutions have helped Koreanists in the Philippines as scholars and professionals

JUNE 2018

UP graduate students on eight-day Korea study tour. The academic visit aims to encourage students to study in and research about Korea

Guidelines for UPCAT appeals and pending cases. The Office of Admissions will receive the complete list of cut-offs for appeals by 11 May

UP’s pioneer articles in int’l journals: 1911 to 1920. The first article was published less than three years after UP’s founding

On UPCAT 2018. The encoding of high school grades posed an unprecedented challenge for the Office of Admissions this year

MAY 2018

UP is co-organizer of first national writing workshop for LGBTQ poets. It will be the first in an annual series of LGBTQ creative writing workshops

APRIL 2018

Six UP researchers, graduates among the eight Filipinos in Asian Scientist 100. This is the third year that UP made it to the list

UP experts produce over 80 open videos for teaching general education. All can be freely copied and shared by educators, students and the public

Number of UP Scientists for 2017-2019 is highest in 12 years. Selection criteria included productivity and international recognition

MARCH 2018

Book by UP researchers shows PH water crisis likely if institutions remain weak. Institutional arrangements in the country are “complex, multilayered and fragmented”

World rankings: UP strongest in humanities, social sciences, agriculture. Rankings in some subjects improved

Citation performance behind UP’s big jump in newest regional rankings. Its citation score climbed to 40 from last year’s 13.5


Can overcharging occur in higher-dimensional black holes? Increased dimensionality reduces the region that allows for overcharging

Why are trees and tree species abundant in tropical forests? Competition within the same species helps maintain diversity

Promoting rice and white corn combination as a staple for Filipinos. A diet based on corn can help prevent further rise in diabetes cases


Preserving Philippine ethno-epics. The Philippines is fast losing its chance to read and learn the orally transmitted folk literature of the Mandaya people of the Davao provinces

UP remains No. 1 university in PH despite drop in regional rankings. It received high points for employer reputation, followed by academic reputation and faculty-student ratio

The impact of an outpatient primary care system on health care delivery in UP Diliman. The benefits of the pilot study are increasingly being utilized for consultation, diagnostics and medication


‘Vision’ and ‘global recognition’ yield accolades for two UP researchers. One is in medical research; the other in physics

UP biodiversity educator honored for connecting theory and community engagement. The award is given to teachers who solve real community issues

Political, economic and historical factors cause out-migration of Filipino health workers. The movement has both negative and positive effects on the country’s health system and personnel


Six medals for PH at the Olympics of math. UP faculty helped the team defend its position in the global match

UP study offers clues to ancient biodiversity, early human movement in Southeast Asia. Shells could be proof of our ancestors’ shift from hunting to agriculture

UP represents PH in top 250 Asia Pacific universities. The national university’s inclusion this year ends the country’s absence from the Asia University Rankings since 2015

System-wide GE Faculty Conference 2017 centers on course design. 280 faculty members have been tapped to plan the delivery of the courses developed at the GE mini-conferences


UP to work with Balik Scientist microbial genomics expert for research and training. Collaborations and seminars have been lined up

JULY 2017

UP hosts PH-UK international workshop on disease control and prevention. Infectious diseases such as HIV-AIDS, malaria, pneumonia and tuberculosis account for 25 percent of global mortality

Seven UP researchers included in Asian Scientist 100 for contributions to their fields. Earlier they were recognized by Thomson Reuters for their world-class research papers

Research, study grants for faculty and staff during K to 12 transition. They are in line with the University’s resolve to utilize the period for the enhancement of faculty and staff qualifications”

National Scientist Lourdes Cruz is most cited researcher from UP. The rankings include scholars with h-indices of at least five; Cruz has an h-index of 54

JUNE 2017

VIRTUAL SERVICES: UP Manila webinar aims to help doctors, students build telemedicine startups

THEORY VIS-Á-VIS PRACTICE: Experts to talk about challenges, opportunities for environmental sustainability in mining sector

MAY 2017

WELCOME: Bautista takes oath as VP for Academic Affairs

BREAKTHROUGH: UP’s discovery of the rare giant shipworm and the mystery it solved

PUTRI ANAK: Southeast Asian lit, music and dance inspire UP’s latest Komedya

SPEED OF LIGHT: Mega journal places UP paper on slowing down light in top 100

QUANTUM SYSTEMS: Paper of UP physicist is one of last year’s best, says international journal

APRIL 2017

MAKING THE MOST OF SATELLITE IMAGERY: NASA scientist demonstrates use of satellite data in lake water monitoring

WE ARE BACK: UP regains title as one of world’s top 400 universities

SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES IN A FISHING COMMUNITY: The collaboration between UP and French group Ecotone Resilience

MARCH 2017

EVENT: Critically acclaimed “Sintang Dalisay” to be performed at the UP Asian Center

FOREIGN COLLABORATION: First UP-Academia Sinica Bilateral Symposium

COMPLEXITY AS A GAME CHANGER: UP grad student reflects on the 2016 NTU Winter School for Complexity Science

GREATER INVOLVEMENT: Retired professors and professors emeriti to continue service in teaching, mentoring and admin

SMALL BUT MIGHTY: New UP paper shows how tiny RNAs fine-tune switch critical in cancer development

CALL: The 22nd Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition sponsored by the Taiwanese government is now open for entries

CALL: Australia Awards scholarships for 2018 intake


VICTORIOUS: Two silver wins for UP in global Reimagine Education Awards

MAKING NUMBERS MATTER: Asia-Pacific Women in Leadership Workshop 2016

SCATTERING SEEDS: UP System-supported research projects give year-end reports

DISCOVERY: UP physicist finds a way to boost energy capacity of sodium-ion batteries


ONWARD: Winner of Gawad Pangulo for Progressive Teaching and Learning shortlisted for int’l awards

[Slideshow feature] VP Concepcion among S&T awardees from UP

[Slideshow feature] resident Pascual: “Our outlook must become global while continuing to address local concerns”

ECOSYSTEM, GENOMICS AND MORE: 1st Biodiversity and Chemical Biology of Marine and Terrestrial Life in the Philippine Region Conference kicks off in Bohol, Philippines


LEGACY OF SCHOLARSHIP: Winner, finalists of first Gémino Abad Awards to be recognized

SCIENCE AND CONSERVATION: DENR, Bohol seek help of scientists at biodiversity conference

INDEFATIGABLE: UP Manila prof is world’s most prolific editor

AIMING FOR A PATENT: Latest invention disclosure awardees come from UP Visayas

NEW BATCH: UP Artists and Scientists for 2015-2017 named

FROM INQUIRY TO APPLICATION: UP biodiversity conference to focus on innovations, interdisciplinary research

WELCOME DEVELOPMENT FOR UP: SC decision on Bt eggplant brings ‘rays of hope’ to UP scientists, agri stakeholders

SCIENCE THROUGH STORIES: Fiction and public science education

RECORD HOLDER: Luzon has the world’s greatest concentration of unique mammals, according to UP and foreign researchers

BETTER DATA, BETTER PLANS: UP Cebu Phil-LiDAR 2 turns over detailed resource maps to Negros Occidental

FIRST TITLE-HOLDER: UP Diliman takes home grand prize in new Gawad Pangulo Student Debates

STRONGER REGIONAL TIES: UP hosts meeting of Pacific Rim university leaders in Cebu


FOR ENABLING RESEARCH: VP Concepcion among S&T awardees from UP

NEW PUBLICATION: Water distribution in Cordillera highlands “embedded in culture”

GMO CASE DISMISSED: Bt talong technology to proceed as SC reverses own ruling

RECOGNITION: Honoris causa awarded to Marine Science Institute founding director

MAKING HISTORY: PH scores its first gold in Int’l Mathematical Olympiad

2016 RANKINGS: UP remains in top 100 universities in Asia

FOREIGN TRAINING: UP, NTU and Academia Sinica firm up plans for joint “sandwich programs”

CALL: Bukas na para sa mga nominasyon ang Gawad sa Natatanging Publikasyon sa Filipino

CALL: Peer-reviewed Elsevier journal welcomes papers on conservation and sustainability

CALL: The Concepcion D. Dadufalza Award for Distinguished Achievement is now open for nominations

JULY 2016

FOCUSED PARTNERSHIP: PH and Taiwan strengthen academic ties with UP visit

SOCIAL RELEVANCE: CFA thesis exhibit is about “triggering paradigm shifts”

“DESIRABLE AND URGENT”: PAASE supports the resumption of Bt talong development

INSPIRING SCIENTISTS: Asian Scientist salutes the achievements of three UP researchers

COLLABORATION, OFFERING: UP celebrates the contributions of its scientists and artists in a system-wide festival

ROADMAP TO INCLUSIVE GROWTH: UP calls on presidential candidates to invest on knowledge capital

HAUNTED METAPHORS: For Prof. Jose Neil Garcia, Dulaang UP’s The Dressing Room was situated comfortably in the “translational modernism”

METICULOUS DETAIL: Archaeological field surveys demand precision and accuracy (Click to watch video)

JUNE 2016

UTAK AT PUSO PARA SA BAYAN: UP Knowledge Festival to showcase innovations in research and creative fields (Download the program)


BETTER THAN SURVEILLANCE: Study predicts dengue mosquito abundance in PH schools

CALL: Newton PhD Scholarships and Institutional Links under Newton Agham are now open for applications. Deadline: 27 June 2016

CALL: Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships open for 3-year PhD and short-term (4-6) postdoctoral research at University of Queensland. Deadline: 30 June 2016

EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH: UPOU faculty member named ICT Education Researcher of the Year

PAGLULUNSAD: Fourteen new titles to be launched by the UP Press

FIRST IN THE WESTERN PACIFIC: College of Nursing designated anew as WHO collaborating center

EINSTEIN EXPLAINED: UP celebrates the centennial of Einstein’s general relativity theory with a public symposium on his birthday–and on “pi day” at that. (Click to download the souvenir program)

MAY 2016

FURTHER DELIBERATION: Final version of the UP General Education framework to be discussed by university councils

FOSTERING CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH: UP hosts the Philippines’ first Asian Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena

MERIT AND PUBLIC SERVICE: Concepcion Dadufalza Award goes to field biologist with a spirit to serve

THE SMALLEST AMONG GIANT FLOWERS: UP biologists discover new giant flower found only in the Philippines

SCIENCE FOR DEVELOPMENT: Scientific research in UP helps society, President Pascual tells media

RECOGNITION, SUPPORT: With an annual budget of P100 million, UP opens 800 new awards for professorial chairs and faculty grants

SYMPOSIUM FOR GRANT RECIPIENTS: UP researchers ‘fascinated’ by works from outside their fields

A NIGHT OF FIRSTS: New UP Los Baños ensemble wins first Gawad Pangulo choir contest

LEADING RESEARCHERS: UP names top scientists based on h-index and citation count

APRIL 2016

2ND GAWAD PANGULO FOR PROGRESSIVE TEACHING AND LEARNING: Engineering professor Dr. Luis Sison wins the award for helping students market tech innovations

LONE FILIPINO IN THE BATCH: Vice President Gisela Concepcion is one of 44 new Fellows of The World Academy of Sciences

CALL: The Korean Studies Association of Southeast Asia invites papers for presentation at its 7th Biennial International Conference to be hosted by the University of the Philippines. Deadline: 10 April 2015

RESOURCE: UPAA’s orientation booklet for Filipinos in Germany is now accessible online

CALL: Australia-ASEAN Council grants will support collaborative activities in these priority areas: trade and economic development, technology and entrepreneurship, and culture and education. Deadline: 18 April 2016

CALL: USAID STRIDE invites Philippine academic institutions to submit applications for research in agribusiness, fisheries, and food manufacturing. Deadline: 15 April 2016

MARCH 2016

GAWAD PANGULO CHORAL COMPETITION: Seven groups from the Diliman, Manila, Los Baños and Baguio campuses make the cut

UP HAS 116 OF TOP 250 PHILIPPINE SCIENTISTS: Faculty members called to register in Google Scholar to update the list

A DOCTOR ON FACEBOOK: First Gawad Pangulo for Progressive Teaching and Learning winner Dr. Iris Isip Tan talks about issues related to social media and patient care

PROF. JOEL CUELLO ON ART AND SCIENCE: Both “share the goal of gaining a synoptic understanding and representation of the world”

HAPPILY EVER AFTER?: Philippine folklore takes center stage in UP rendition of Rusalka, a lyric fairy tale opera

PRESIDENT PASCUAL’S SPEECH AT THE ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: “As the management of universities becomes increasingly complex, the need for genuine leadership in academia also intensifies.”

RIPPLE EFFECT: Our programs on short-term training in foreign universities and externship in industry aim for both scholarship and service


WATER IN THE PHILIPPINES: Singular rights-based approaches and monocentric institutions will not solve water conflicts

FIRST STOP IN HOME CONTINENT: Roadshow continues with UP taking the message of academic collaboration and service to Japan

CARBON CALCULATOR: Local government units can now identify exactly which activities contribute to carbon emission and carbon reduction

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: With his Balik PhD grant, returning scientist builds a lab and shows what productivity means

THIRD INSTALLMENT: University roadshow heads Down Under to reach more Filipino scholars


MODERN EDUCATORS: UP Diliman and UP Los Baños faculty members to compete in the 2nd Gawad Pangulo for Progressive Teaching and Learning

EXCELLENCE AND RELEVANCE IN A GLOBAL LANDSCAPE: Universities and HEIs commit to internationalize and better higher education in the Philippines

CULTURE, NOT GENETICS: UP scientist co-discovers the explanation for the sperm whales’ complex social structure

CAUSE AND EFFECT: In a rural community in Mindoro, ecological problems not only result in poverty but are also triggered by it

BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED: Tribute in UP celebrates the life and work of Nobel laureate Richard Heck

BURIED ALIVE: Reefs unlikely to recover from the effects of China’s construction activities in the Spratly Islands, says MSI founding director

AMONG THE WORLD’S ELITE: Global rankings indicate that UP is on a par with the best universities in eight subjects

COME HOME FOR GOOD: UP seeks to recruit US-based academics in second leg of the roadshow 

AN INTERNATIONALIZED UNIVERSITY: UP connects with Filipino scholars in four European cities


SYMPOSIUM: The University of the Philippines is hosting the 11th APRU Research Symposium on Multi-Hazards around the Pacific Rim as a contribution to knowledge development and dissemination in and around the twin themes of resilience and biodiversity.

CALL: As part of its golden anniversary celebration, the UP Press is holding a critical essay writing contest to encourage Filipinos to read UP Press titles and to promote the critical literature about the multidisciplinary field of Philippine Studies. Deadline: 30 October 2015 (Download the poster)


HOW DO FILIPINOS USE WATER? UP researchers uncover the roots of the Philippine water sector’s sorry state

MOST OUTSTANDING RESEARCHER: Internationally recognized scientist Dr. Rhodora Azanza receives the 2015 Pantas Award

CREATING A CULTURE OF RESEARCH: Maiden run of IP clinic eyes collaboration between scientists and technology transfer officers

SENSING LIGHT WHIRLPOOLS AND 3-D OBJECTS AMIDST NOISE: For the first time, physicists are using a statistical approach to process complex light patterns

JULY 2015

BACK TO BASICS: Workshop on procurement to help research projects stay on course

LEARNING IN THE 21ST CENTURY: UP partners with Apple to address shift in pedagogy

PRIDE OF UP: Philippine representative UP ARCO triumphs in Bratislava music fest

GRAND PRIX: UP Concert Chorus is big winner at international choir festival in Poland

FIRST IN 30 YEARS: UP Diliman geologists bring fossil conference to the Philippines

SCIENCE FOR INCLUSIVE GROWTH: Nine USAID STRIDE awards for education and collaborative research go to UP

UP BAGUIO GRADUATION RITES 2015: The deep resources from my UP education help me carry out the mission, vision and passion of my life, says VP Gisela Concepcion

JUNE 2015

STIMULATING RESEARCH: Members of the UP community who disclose their inventions are eligible for a monetary award

CLASSROOM, CLAN AND CRIME SCENE: Students and professionals team up for the 2nd Forensic Science Symposium

IT’S ALL RELATIVE: Experts stress the importance of DNA Science in understanding and preserving Philippine culture

MUSIC, HUMANITIES AND A GLOBALIZED SOCIETY: Vice President for Academic Affairs Gisela Concepcion speaks to Southeast Asian directors of music on the need to unify experiences and strengthen education (Click to read her speech)

FIRST SOUTHEAST ASIAN WINNER: The European Geosciences Union awards the 2015 Pilnius Medal to National Institute of Geological Sciences Professor Alfredo Mahar Lagmay

CALL: The Office of the President is still accepting applicants from UP Diliman for its Scholarship Program and Leadership Grant. Deadline: 15 June 2015

RESOURCE: The June 2015 issue of the Journal of Environmental Science and Management is already available online. This issue contains eight articles on topics as sea surface temperature (the first of its kind in the Philippines), community-based assessment of the Banaue rice terraces and assessment of plans diversity in mined-out sites in Cebu.

MAY 2015

CAMBRIDGE AWAITS: Summa cum laude candidate wins UK internship in genomics research

CREATING, INNOVATING, SERVING: UP institutional video lands gold award at international conference and exhibit in Doha

HATS OFF: Dr. Grace Javier Alfonso is 2013 Concepcion D. Dadufalza Awardee for Distinguished Achievement

APRIL 2015

INTERDISCIPLINARY EFFORTS: EIDR program on water governance engages stakeholders in multi-sectoral discussions in Luzon and the Visayas

CALL: The 2015 National Book Development Trust Fund Grant is accepting submissions on local history and culture, traditional/integrative/tropical medicine, food science and technology, organic/sustainable agriculture, agritourism, and popular science. (Deadline: May 31)

IMPLICATIONS FOR HUMAN SAFETY: Experiments on mice reveal how individual training leads to faster evacuation and self-organized queuing during group emergency escape

ECOLOGICAL RESTORATION: Filipino scientists discover new plant species with great potential in phytoremediation, specifically, in the phytoextraction of nickel

THE JOURNEY BEGINS: President Alfredo Pascual urges top UPCAT qualifiers to prepare and work for the society outside the University walls

THINK BIG, THINK BEYOND: UP, NUS partner for effective institutional and academic leadership

MARCH 2015

RESPONDING TO THE MODERN WORLD: Consensus reached on proposed revision to the GE program


TOWARDS A SCIENTIFIC NATION:  The National Institute of Physics receives the Most Outstanding Institution Award from the National Research Council of the Philippines

LIGHT MATTERS: UP Diliman celebrates the International Year of Light with multi-disciplinary symposium IlumiNASYON

HEARTY WELCOME: The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs has three new administrators on board

ANNOUNCEMENT: Partial list of ECWRG recipients is now available (Click to open PDF file)

BUSINESS-EDUCATION PARTNERSHIP: International symposium on geoscience highlights what cooperation between industry and the academe can do

SEE WITH NEW EYES: System-wide conference aims to inspire UP academic leaders with successful models and good practices from here and abroad

ANNOUNCEMENT: The first batch of EIDR Cycle 6 proponents will receive an invitation from the Evaluation and Monitoring Committee to submit their full proposals by the end of March 2015. Those who will not receive an invitation are requested to wait for further notice as the Committee continues with its review of the capsule proposals.  (Click here to view the first batch.)


HISTORIC FIRST: UP Manila associate professor is pioneer winner of Gawad Pangulo: A Competition for Progressive Teaching and Learning

GLOBALIZED, LOCALIZED: Constituent universities reach a consensus on the proposed revision to the General Education program

BACK IN THE GAME: Public Policy Journal releases its first issue in almost a decade

A LEARNING EXPERIENCE: In a letter to the chancellors, Dr. Gisela P. Concepcion explains the basis for the recommendations made by the OVPAA on the faculty merit promotions


FOCUS ON MARINE PROTECTED AREAS: Three UP campuses join forces to offer an innovative master’s program for environmental managers

COMPETITIVE EDGE: Constituent units are urged to conduct an assessment of their curricular programs, and to review and strengthen their respective niches

UP MANILA’S PIONEER PROGRAM IN SPEECH PATHOLOGY: “The feeling is very strong at UP that you are studying for the country… That’s the UP spirit.” (leads to an external site)

GENERAL EDUCATION (GE) CURRICULUM REVIEW AND REVISION: GE and disciplinary experts from all UP campuses participated in formulating the new UP GE courses in a series of discussions.