OVPAA Officials

CBautista6Maria Cynthia Rose B. Bautista, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs

AAlampayAlyssa M. Peleo-Alampay, Ph.D.
Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs (Curriculum)

CDimalantaCarla B. Dimalanta, D.Sc.
Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs (Research)

MTomacruzMary Delia G. Tomacruz, DBA
Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs (R&D Resource Management)

GJacintoGil S. Jacinto, Ph.D.
Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs (Internationalization)

RGonzaloRichard Philip A. Gonzalo
Asst. Vice President for Academic Affairs (Student Affairs)

Administrative Staff (Permanent)
ileriosImelda A. Lerios, Executive Assistant IV
Reviews documents received by the office for distribution to the appropriate staff for processing; identifies/provides the necessary information/data for action by the Vice President for Academic Affairs

jburlatJenette C. Burlat, University Researcher III
Supervises the Faculty, REPS & Admin Staff Development Program, Enhanced Creative Work & Research Grant, Research Dissemination Grant, Balik-PhD Program, Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program, and Gawad Pangulo for Progressive Teaching & Learning; staff support to the Academic Advisory Committee

amorta1Alice Ross T. Morta, Writer and Web Manager 
In charge of web content and management, social media management, research, speech writing, proposal/report/concept paper writing, and editing

ndequiros1Nancy B. de Quiros, University Research Associate II
Provides general services and administrative support to the unit

sjugo1Socrates P. Jugo, Mechanic III

nolivar1Nelson S. Olivar, Secretary II
Records incoming and outgoing documents

mabearMarilyn R. Abear, Utility Worker II
In charge of vouchers and Financial Management Information System entries

Administrative Staff (Contractual)

rcabansagRyan J. Cabansag, Data Encoder
Processes applications for the International Publication Award


mcdeponeMaria Corazon S. Depone, Office Assistant
Handles the FRASDP (Foreign and Local Fellowships) and Teaching Assistantship Program


revangelistaRay C. Evangelista, Junior Office Associate
Assists in the different programs of the OVPAA


KPunayKit Sherwin G. Punay, Junior Office Associate
Provides administrative support to the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program and the Philippine California Advance Research Institute Program

dyquiranteDonne Ynah Grace P. Quirante, Junior Office Associate
Provides assistance in coordinating and reviewing systemwide new and reconfigured GE course proposals to align with the K to 12 Curriculum

Grace Z. Reytas, Supervising Office Associate
In charge of R&D procurement-related tasks and provides administrative support to the Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program

Rica C. Santos, Supervising Office Associate
Provides assistance in the implementation of system-wide Quality Assurance initiatives

csorrosaChat Roann B. Sorrosa, Office Assistant
Provides administrative support to the Research Dissemination Program, Enhanced Creative Work and Research Program, and PCARI Scholarship Program


Heads of Offices under the OVPAA

TTademTeresa E. Tadem, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for Integrative and Development Studies

NVercelesNathalie Lourdes A. Verceles, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Women’s and Gender Studies

AMendoza1Aurora Odette C. Mendoza, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Admissions

RAzanzaGil S. Jacinto, Ph.D.
Director, Office of International Linkages

RGonzaloRichard Philip A. Gonzalo
Director, Office of Student Financial Assistance

BAgudaCynthia Palmes-Saloma, Ph.D.
Director, Philippine Genome Center

no-photoLuis G. Sison, Ph.D.
Director, Technology Transfer and Business Development Office

ALeeAldrin P. Lee, Ph.D.
OIC Director, UP Korea Research Center

JGarcia1Jose Neil C. Garcia, Ph.D.
Director, UP Press

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OVPAA flowchart

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Last updated: 28 September 2018