OVPAA-Administered Research Grants

Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program

The University is inviting innovative, interdisciplinary, inter-CU research programs and projects that aim to generate fundamentally new knowledge contributing to the understanding of natural phenomena, and with beneficial applications.

Balik PhD Recruitment Program

UP is hiring foreign-trained PhDs/postdoctoral fellows as faculty members who will pursue research and mentor the best and brightest young minds in our country, this year and in the coming years.

Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant

The ECWRG aims to encourage faculty and REPS to undertake research or creative work that will lead to publications, exhibitions, performances of creative work or other significant output such as patents, new software, and advanced technologies.

Publications from OVPAA research grants

List of Completed and Ongoing Projects (With Publications and Other Outputs)

Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program
Balik-PhD Recruitment Program
Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grants

List of Publications and Other Outputs

International Publication Award