OVPAA Memo 2013-29: Call for applications to the UP Scientific Productivity System for CY 2013

The UP System is now calling for applications to the UP Scientific Productivity System (UP SPS) for CY 2013.

A. New applications
For this year’s batch of applicants, the period of evaluation of accomplishments is for the last five (5) years from January 2008 – December 2012.

B.  Applications for renewal by UP Scientists (UP Scientists awarded in 2010 and whose awards ended in 2012 to the UP Scientific Productivity System)
       The period of evaluation of accomplishments is from January 2010 – December 2012 using the points required specified in Table 3. Retention/Promotion.

The UP SPS was established by the BOR in its 1199th meeting on August 2005 to support the development of science and technology and to encourage and reward scientific productivity. Deserving scientists shall be conferred the title “UP Scientist” with a monetary award, the UP Scientific Productivity Award. This is UP’s version of the Scientific Career System (SCS) of the Civil Service Commission and the Department of Science and Technology.

In its 29 February 2008 meeting, the BOR approved the following monetary award, to be given to UP Scientists who meet the qualifications:

UP Scientist I        P 120,000 per annum
UP Scientist II           144,000 per annum
UP Scientist lII          180,000 per annum

Please submit your recommendations for appointments for UP Scientist title, properly evaluated by your CU Committees, to our Office on or before 30 September 2013.

May we request you to submit for each recommendation the following:

a.    7 sets of the application forms with attachments and;

b.    CD containing the application form (in Word format) and attachments (in jpeg or pdf format).

Please ensure complete documentation for your recommendations. The System Screening Committee shall evaluate recommendations as submitted—no documentation, no points credited.

Download the Guidelines and Forms here.


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