EIDR Awardees

Emerging Interdisciplinary Research (EIDR) Awardees

Cycle 4 – 15 May 2013

Program Title Proponent CU Name of Proponent
Analysis of susceptibility variants (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs) in candidate genes to unravel the genetic basis of preeclampsia(pregnancy-induced hypertension) among Filipino women UP Diliman Saloma, Cynthia
Exploring the molecular, chemical, and material ecology of coral interspecies interactions UP Diliman Conaco, Ma. Cecilia
Effects of shaped filler reinforcement on the diffusion behavior of liquids in polymer composites UP Diliman Pajarito, Bryan

Cycle 3 – 30 November 2012

Program Title Proponent CU Name of Proponent
Bifurcations in Laser Networks with Sn Symmetry UP Baguio Collera, Juancho
Identifying Transaction Costs and Assessing Its Effects in Agriculture: The Case of Farmer’s Market Participation in the Philippine Rice Sector UP Los Baños Cuevas, Agham
Bifurcations in Laser Networks with Sn Symmetry UP Baguio Collera, Juancho
Towards an enhanced health care system by community managed health programs (CMHPs) to achieve better health outcomes: a community participatory research for advocacy to local government units (LGUs), Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Institute for Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC), and Philippine Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) UP Manila Sia, Isidro
Development of strategies to improve academic performance of units based on the Internal Academic Assessment and Development System (iAADS) findings UP Diliman Villaseñor, Irene
“Creating an Interactive Laboratory (i-Lab) for Staff, Students, and Stakeholders of Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster, CA, UPLB” UP Los Baños Sevilla, Cesar C.
“Updating the Construction and Material Testing Laboratory” UP Los Baños Madlangbayan, Marish S.
“Department of Economics (DE) Capacity Building in Energy Economics” UP Los Baños Firmalino, Anna Floresca F.
“Development of a Power Quality (PQ) Laboratory” UP Los Baños Catriz, Roderick L.
“Purchase of a basic materials engineering laboratory equipment for conducting research and instruction activities in the Department of Engineering Science, CEAT, UPLB” UP Los Baños Escobar, Erwin C.
“Enhancing ICOPED Cooperative Education through Development of Case Study e-Learning Modules” UP Los Baños Quilloy, Karen P.
“Improvement of the UPLB-IED Human Systems Engineering Program (HSEP) to Increase Research Capability and Improve the Academic Performance of Students” UP Los Baños Mariano, Lizbeth A.
“The IMSP Interactive Classroom Project” UP Los Baños Piñol, Chrysline Margus N.
“Enriching Entrepreneurship Education at the Department of Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (DAME), CEM, U. P. Los Baños” UP Los Baños Reyes, Gemma U
History of Radio in the Philippines (1920-2012)” UP Diliman Austria, Fernando A.
“Sikhay Diwa: Enhancing People-Oriented Scholarship of the DSD Curriculum” UP Diliman Luna, Emmanuel M.
“Development of an Online Academic Support System for the Faculty of Education, UP Open University” UPOU Arinto, Patricia B.
“ICT-Enhancement of the General Biology Teaching Laboratories” UP Mindanao Novero, Annabelle U.
“Upgrading of the Food Microbiology Laboratory of the DFSC” UP Mindanao Obsioma, Virginia P.
“Component 1: Research on Disaster Preparedness among Institutions of Higher Learning in the National Capital Region, Philippines; Component 2: Development of New or Revision of Existing Resource Materials; Component 3: Improvement of Teaching Equipment” UP Manila Gregorio, Ernesto Jr. R.
Building capacity for research in the UP College of Allied Medical Professions Faculty: outcomes of an intensive educational program on literature searching and appraisal skills UP Manila Gorgon, Edward James
“Building the Research Capacity of Speech Pathology Faculty Members” UP Manila Soriano, Jennifer U.
“Strengthening Grant Proposal Writing for Faculty Members of the Department of Occupational Therapy” UP Manila Ching, Penafrancia

Cycle 2 – 15 April 2012

Program Title Proponent CU Name of Proponent
Versatile Instrument System for Science Education and Research – Sensors and Modules (VISSER:SM) UP Diliman Tapang, Giovanni
Wood to Energy: Use of Fast Growing Plantation Tree Species as Fuel Pellets in the Philippines UP Los Baños Acda , Menandro
Exploring a Theory of Engaged Collaboration Across Borders Among Transnational Advocacy Networks UP Los Baños Gata, Ma. Larissa Lelu
The use of the ethylene antagonist 1-methylcycllopropene (1-MCP) to prolong the shelf-life of minimally processed fruits and vegetables UP Los Baños Israel, Katherine Ann
Clinical and Autoimmune Characteristic of Early Onset Diabetes in Young Adult Filipinos UP Manila Pacheco, Elizabeth
Drug Use Behavioral Health Among Adolescents in Metro Manila UP Manila Estacio, Leonardo
One UP Health Benefits Action Research: Towards a Gendered Universal Health Care Sectoral Model Utilizing an Information Technology System UP System Claudio, Sylvia

Cycle 1 – 15 October 2011

Program Title Proponent CU Name of Proponent
Social-Ecological Resilience on Different Spatial and Temporal Scales (Emphasis on the Coast) UP Diliman Yap, Maria Helena
HULLUBATON: Putting together the Mandaya Dawot UP Mindanao Quintero, Genevieve
Towards Good Water Governance for Development: A Multi-Case Analysis UP Los Baños Rola, Agnes
Computer-aided Discovery of Compounds for the Treatment of Tuberculosis in the Philippines UP Manila Billones, Junie
Palaeoenviromental and Biodiversity Study of Mindoro Island: An Archaeological Science Initiative UP Diliman Mijares, Armand Salvador

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