Welcome to the Help Desk for Program and Project Grants!

1. Purpose

This Help Desk is designed to assist EIDR, Balik PhD and PCARI awardees in any procurement concern that they may have related to their research projects. It also serves as a venue for the interactive discussion of procurement concerns for R&D. 

2. Procurement

To better help you, we have made available on this page a copy of the procurement process for the different modes of procurement, and the forms researchers need to accomplish relative to procurement for R&D. These are the files that can be downloaded:

Procurement Flowchart (in PDF)
Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9184 (in PDF)
Purchase Order Template (in Excel)

To give you an idea of the estimated duration of the procurement process, you can access the GPPB Timeline here.

 3. Budget

Please note that the budget for equipment/consumables includes the following:

– cost of equipment
– freight charges
– delivery fees
– maintenance cost
– brokerage fee
– storage fee
– customs duties
– PITC fee*

*only if equipment will be procured through the PITC (Click here to visit the PITC website.)

4. Contact information

For inquiries, you may call 89818500 local 2622 or 09985898067. 

Download the UP Procurement Guidebook (Work in progress)