Publications from Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Program grants in ISI-listed and Scopus-indexed journals

Towards Good Water Governance for Development: A Multi-Case Analysis
Proponent: Agnes Rola

Pintor, L.L., Dizon, J.T., Rola, A.C., Quimbo, M.A.T. and Ha, Q.D. 2013. Allocation and Usage of Water for Irrigation Water Governance in Sta. Cruz River Watershed, Laguna, Philippines. International Journal of Ecology and Conservation, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 70-87.

Farm irrigation has the highest total water consumption. This study on water governance for irrigation delved into water allocation and water usage in Sta. Cruz River Watershed, Laguna, Philippines. Methods used for data gathering were household interview, key informant interview, focus group discussion, review of documents, and observation. Results reveal that water is always available for farm irrigation. Immediate repair of damaged irrigation canal was a recommendation identified to reduce water wastage. Farmers are aware that water is an economic good and that rice production will be affected when there is limited water supply. Such awareness leads to the proper use of water. Water distribution by schedule was identified as a measure to control water. There are non-rice farmers having free access to the irrigation water resulting in a competition for water use among farmers. The paper recommends the maintenance of irrigation canals and the involvement of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the rehabilitation of the watershed.

Hall, Rosalie, Lizada, Joy, Dayo, Maria Helen, Abansi, Corazon, David, Myra and Rola, Agnes.  2015.  To the Last Drop: The Political Economy of Philippine Water Policy. Water Policy, doi:10.2166/wp.2015.150.

The paper examines the conflicts arising from the layered legal treatment, fragmentation and multiplicity of institutions involved in Philippine water governance. Using a thematic analysis of national legislation; a survey of 299 water managers in 10 provinces; and five cases illustrating local contestations, the paper tracks the diversification of formal institutional stakeholders which have been found to lack coherence and inter-agency connectivity. The policy shifts are not grounded among water managers, who have little understanding of formal water rights and who settle local conflicts with less reliance on formal mechanisms. The select cases reveal that water rights provide weak currency in local contestations.

Computer-aided Discovery of Compounds for the Treatment of Tuberculosis in the Philippines
Proponent: Junie Billones

Billones, J.B., Carrillo, M.C.O., Organo, V.G., Macalino, S.J.Y., Emnacen, I.A. and Sy, B.A. 2013.  Virtual screening against Mycobacterium tuberculosis Lipoate Protein Ligase B (MtbLipB) and In Silico ADMET Evaluation of Top Hits.  Oriental Journal of Chemistry 29, 1457-1468.

Billones, J.B. and Valle, A.M.F. 2014.  Structure-based Design of Inhibitors Against Maltosyltransferase GIgE. Oriental Journal of Chemistry 30, 1137-1145.

Clavio, N.A.B. and Billones, J.B. 2014. Virtual screening against Mycobacterium tuberculosis isocitrate lyase and in silico ADME-Tox evaluation of Top Hits. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 6, 727-738.

Billones, J., Carrillo, M.C., Organo, V., Macalino, S.J., Emnacen, I. and Sy, J.B. 2014.  Virtual screening against M. tuberculosis 7,8-Diaminopelargonic Acid Synthase (MtbBioA) and In Silico Toxicity Evaluation of Top Hits.  Current Enzyme Inhibition 10, 105-112.

The use of the ethylene antagonist 1-methylcycllopropene (1-MCP) to prolong the shelf-life of minimally processed fruits and vegetables
Proponent: Katherine Israel

Relox, P.E., Castillo-Israel, K.A.T., Serrano, E.P., Absulio, W.L. and Ganida, J.B.L. 2014. Efficacy of 1-methylcyclopropene post-cutting treatment on fresh-cut papaya (Carica papaya L. cv. ‘Sinta’) storage quality using two packaging forms.  International Food Research Journal. In press.

Palaeoenviromental and Biodiversity Study of Mindoro Island: An Archaeological Science Initiative
Proponent: Armand Mijares

Porr, M., Mijares, A.S.B., Pawlik, A., Piper, P. and Padilla, S.Jr. 2012.  North of the Southern Arc – The Mindoro Archaeological Research Program: A summary of the 2010 and 2011 fieldwork activities.  Australian Archaeology 75, 110-117.

Pawlik, A.F., Piper, P.J., Faylona, M.G.P.G., Padilla, S.G.Jr., Carlos, J., Mijares, A.S.B., Vallejo, B.Jr., Reyes, M., Amano, N., Ingicco, T. and Porr, T. 2014.  Adaptation and foraging from the Terminal Pleistocene to the Early Holocene: Excavation at Bubog on Ilin Island, Philippines. Journal of Field Archaeology 39, 230-247.

Pawlik, A., Piper, P. and Mijares, A.S.B. 2014.  Modern Humans in the Philippines: Colonization, Subsistence and New Insights into Behavioural Complexity.  In M. Porr and R. Dennell (eds), Southern Asia, Australia and the Search for Human Origins, Cambridge Press, 135-147.