RDG Conference Report of Daryl Q. Granario

Write up about the Conference

The ILAS conference is an international conference held every one to two years by the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS). The theme of the 19th conference is “Solidarity in Linear Algebra”. The lecturer that were presented in the conference range from “pure” branches of linear algebra like combinatorial matrix theory and matrix geometry, to its applications in fields like quantum computing and computational systems biology.

Feedback on paper presented

The paper was well-received by the audience.

Future directions of research presented

We generalize the results presented by considering a larger class of matrices

Potential foreign collaborators

Vladimir Sergeichuk, Ukraine

Other important contacts and insights

  • Hyun-Min Kim, South Korea
  • Sang-Gu Lee, South Korea
  • Chi-Kwong Li, USA

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

I presented my work, Sums of Φs orthogonal matrices, as part of the contributed talks session of the conference. The Φs orthogonal matrices are matrices that satisfy a certain condition under a function which we call Φs. The set of Φs orthogonal matrices provides a generalization of orthogonal matrices and Lorentz matrices. These two sets of matrices are important in other fields such as numerical analysis and physics. The Φ orthogonal matrices form a mathematical structure called a group, where the matrices are related though matrix multiplication. This means that products of Φ orthogonal matrices are well-understood. However, little is known about the sums of Φ orthogonal matrices. A characterization for matrices that can be written as a sum of two Φs orthogonal matrices is given in the contributed talk.