RDG Conference Report of Dennis T. Leyson

Write up about the Conference

The conference was attended by thousands of mathematicians all over the world. In the opening ceremonies, the four FIELDS medals (the highest recognition given to outstanding mathematicians) were awarded. There were plenary sessions (1-hour lecture), invited talks sessions (45-minutes lecture) and contributed talks sessions (20- minute presentations). The talks were divided into different fields of mathematics and I attended the Geometry sessions.

Feedback on paper presented

I presented a poster of my paper on August 14 (Thursday) together with the other poster presentations on Geometry. Posters were posted from 1pm-6pm and standing on posters for discussion from 4pm-5pm. There were on-going oral sessions during this time so there were not much expectators during the poster sessions.

Future directions of research presented

The research I presented is part of my dissertation and further studies on the generalizations of Einstein manifolds are being done. We want to exhaust all properties and be able to characterize these classes.

Potential foreign collaborators

I was able to meet my Portuguese adviser in the conference. Dr. Albuquerque was my adviser in Universidade de Evora when I went there for an Erasmus Mundus exchange program and he still helps me with my research.

Other important contacts and insights

Maryam Mirzakhani of Stanford University was awarded the first woman in Fields Medalist.

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

Dr. Ru Albuquerque, my adviser from Portugal, gave a talk on “New mechanics of 4-manifolds and G2 structures”. He discussed about multi-sympletic forms and G2 structures. A setting for Hamiltonian mechanics which has been deeply researched is the cotangent bundle of any manifold, with its canonical sympletic 2-form and sympletic and Hamiltonian vector fields. In his talk, he discussed and analogous construction for G2 geometry.