RDG Conference Report of Francis R. Capule

Write up about the Conference

The 13th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy with the theme “The Clinical Pharmacist and Patient Care: Opportunities and Challenges” was held on September 13-15, 2013 at the Haiphong City Convention Center in Vietnam. It was co-hosted by the Haiphong Medical University with support from Medical Service Administration (Ministry of Vietnam) and Vietnamese Pharmaceutical Association. The conference highlighted the importance of clinical pharmacist in the implementation of pharmaceutical care in the hospital and community settings. The conference achieved its objectives through plenary and concurrent sessions and oral and poster presentations by country delegates. The conference also provided a venue for practitioners, educators, researchers, and managers in the Asia Pacific region to share ideas and expertise in patient-focused pharmacy practice.

Feedback on paper presented

The poster presentation was a great success.

Future directions of research presented

Euphorbia hirta or tawa-tawa is a potential source of drug for the management of diseases like dengue once its efficacy and safety has been established.

Potential foreign collaborators

I am a member of the Clinical Pharmacy Core Committee. The Clinical Pharmacy Core Committee will serve as the Steering Committee for the Philippine Pharmacists Association Clinical Pharmacy Program for the first and second quarters of 2014. This committee is created with the following initial objectives:

  1. Prioritize the country’s clinical pharmacy practice and education needs;
  2. Develop strategies and activities to address identified needs;
  3. Establish linkages with education and training providers in clinical pharmacy (Asia and global);
  4. Implement and monitor clinical pharmacy activities under the program; and
  5. Develop standards for clinical pharmacy in both practice (hospital and community) and education for the Philippines

The committee had a meeting with Dr. Lau* to discuss our objectives and future plans for the clinical pharmacy program in the country. Dr. Lau expressed the support of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy in these endeavors.

*Prof. Alan H. Lau
Director, International Clinical Pharmacy Education, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois
Professional Development Associate, International Programs, American College of Clinical Pharmacy

Other important contacts and insights

Dr. Michael S. Maddux
Executive Director, American College of Clinical Pharmacy

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

My participation in the 13th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy updates me on the best practices and advances in clinical pharmacy in other countries; builds linkages and friendship; and lastly, opens doors of opportunities to contribute in the improvement of clinical pharmacy practices in the country.