RDG Conference Report of Gerardo T. Los Baños

Write up about the Conference

The Asia-Pacific Writers’ and Translators’ Association 2014 conference titled “Bridging Cultures: Creative Writing and Literary Translations,” is a gathering of 140 authors, editors, translators, and other people from the publishing community in the Asia-Pacific region who come together to engage in dialogue, form networks, and devise strategies to support and enhance the “voice” of that region in the global stage.

Feedback on paper presented

Surprise that conservative element had such influence on the content of literature in the Philippines, and thus on its publication.

Future directions of research presented

Monitor the publication and writing of YAL fiction in English and note trends in topics, especially the handling of “delicate” issues as sex, drug use, and other controversial topics.

Potential foreign collaborators

Possible compilation of YAL stories by authors based in the Asia Pacific region.

Other important contacts and insights

Was acquainted with authors from Indonesia and Singapore who write YAL based in their own countries. It was interesting to note how the Singapore government exerts censorship over what books can be made available for minors based on content, while Indonesia does not.

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

I summarized the state of YAL publication in the Philippines and the opportunities and limitations writers in that genre experience with getting work published by mainstream press.