RDG Conference Report of Luisa Maria T. Bo-ot

Write up about the Conference

The meeting was jointly organized by the APS, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Northeastern Univ., Penn State and Carnegie Mellon Univ. This year there were over 2300 contributed abstracts in 34 parallel sessions. There were also 119 technical posters of which 48 were from students.

Feedback on paper presented

A question was raised on whether the modified equation is Galilean invariant since it is originally a classical equation. My reply was since the equation incorporate a certain probability; it may already be semi-classical and thus can include actions on the microscopic level like inelastic collisions.

Future directions of research presented

We look for the parameter which can describe transition to turbulence. The current form of the equation is only fully-developed turbulence.

Potential foreign collaborators

L. Jirkovsky, P. Getreuer

Other important contacts and insights

Turbulence is still an ongoing research problem, more so with transition to turbulence. The measurement of turbulence also looked interesting.

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

The presentor was the only Filipino among over 3000 delegates in the meeting which covered almost all the research fields of fluid dynamics except quantum fluids.