RDG Conference Report of Maria Carmen V. Amarra

Write up about the Conference

The conference had 97 participants, of whom 19 were from outside of China. There were 42 contributed talks over three days. The topics covered various applications of transitive groups on graphs, maps, designs and related structures.

Feedback on paper presented

The results presented by the grantee are part of her PhD. thesis. Since the conference honoree is her supervisor, the feed was generally good.

Future directions of research presented

The work done in the classification of symmetric diameter two graphs is far from complete. The grantee’s dissertation dealt with only few of the possible cases. Many other cases remain open, such as those corresponding to other quasiprimitive actions (of which the affine case is only one).

Potential foreign collaborators

Most of the other conference participants all work in the same general area as the grantee. A majority of the foreign participants are acquainted with the grantee, whom she met in the course of her PhD. in her advisers’ university and in other conferences. Hence all of these participants are potential collaborators. The grantee is contemplating doing postdoctoral research with some of these, although there as yet no definite plans.

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

The grantee gave 30-minute presentation on one aspect of her thesis.