RDG Conference Report of Rocky T. Marcelino

Write up about the Conference

The conference provided venue for ASEAN agricultural scientists. The plenary sessionhighlightedJapan’s response to the Fukushima tragedy and how their knowledge on agriculture helped citizens to cope up with the disaster. Each country chapter of ISSMS was also given the chance to present their executive committee and their accomplishments for the year. Parallel sessions were held In the NODAi Academia Center. Each speaker was given 15 minutes to discuss his/her research. Questions were then asked after each speaker. Participants are composed of delegates from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam,Cambodia, and Philippines.

Feedback on paper presented

After the talk, some participants asked about the methods used in the paper. Question on whatthebest statistical imputation method is to be used for agricultural experiments was asked. The  paper presented, as the moderator noted, highlighted proper handling of missing data in agricultural experiments.

Future directions of research presented

Application of the research presented will be of high priority. Moreover,the research can be made into a publishable article in an ISI or other peer-reviewed journals. The author also recommended the use of other interpolation/imputation methods for assessment for future studies. Design-based imputation method canal so be explored to add to the existing pool of imputation techniques.

Potential foreign collaborators

The author plans to collaborate with faculty members of Tokyo Nodai who are involved in experimental designs and statistics courses.

Other important contacts and insights

Other researches presented under the session for Production utilizes complex experimental designs and statistical techniques. However, some techniques are misused and not fully utilized.

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

As a junior faculty member, I am privileged and honored to have experienced presenting my research in an international audience. It is my first time to travel  abroad  and attend  an international conference. After   listening  to   researches   conducted   in  other   countries,   I  have  gained   insights   on   how   rich methodologies in agriculture area. There are a lot of new knowledge to me when I listened to speakers from different  countries.From  basic  agricultural  concepts  to  very  advanced  method.  each  speaker  showed passion on the irrespective researches. The Japanese are very warm too.They  hosted a welcoming  and closing fellowship/party  that  engaged  everyone,  though  different  in languages  spoken,  to  enjoy  and  to share  experiences.  The Congress  tour  gave  us a very  rich experience on  how  beautiful  Japan  is.Top tourist destinations were visited during the congress tour.Though  I stayed in Japan for less than a week,I have  gained  appreciation  on  the  Japanese  culture.  The  experience  is  very  fulfilling.  It  gave  me  an inspiration to do more and conduct research with quality output.