RDG Conference Report of Rodelio F. Subade

Write up about the Conference

The Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum is a tri-annual scientific conference of the Asian Fisheries Society an organization of fisheries and aquaculture scientists, researchers and academicians across Asia and other countries. For this year’s AF AF there were a total of 14 sessions, including the 4th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF4) and the 4th International Symposium on Cage Aquaculture in Asia.

Feedback on paper presented

There were some feedback, among conference participants, one of such deals with comparing the experience of some Korean households who were also affected by an oil spill, some years ago.

Future directions of research presented

The paper (and other co-authored papers) presented in this conference shall be improved and submitted for possible publication in peer reviewed journals, starting with Asian Fisheries Science, an ISI-listed journal

Potential foreign collaborators

Researchers and scientists from Korea Institute for Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), from some Indonesian (Universitas Deponegro) and Korean Universities.

Other important contacts and insights

The Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum provides a good platform and venue for researchers across Asian sites to conceptualize and implement future cross-country studies that may be able to provide pertinent solutions to nagging problems in fisheries and aquatic resources. One option is for the Asian Fisheries Society to generate more donors for its graduate fellowship fund. That can serve as funding mechanisms for graduate research across countries addressing specific researchable problems.

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

UPV Professor Participates in the 10th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum. Dr. Rodelio F. Subade, Professor in economics and UP Scientist 1 at the Division of Social Sciences, UP Visayas, participated in the 10th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum which was held in the Ocean Resort Hotel, Yeosu City, South Korea last May 1-3 2013. This conference was attended by hundreds of scientists and researchers across many countries in Asia (Philippines, Japan, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Australia and others) and other parts of the world, despite the threats of war from North Korea during that time.

For his part, Dr. Subade presented his paper entitled, “Socio-Economic Conditions of Fishers in Selected Sites in Southern Guimaras Four Years after the 2006 M/T Solar1 Oil Spill”, which was based from study funded by the National Disaster coordinating council (presently NDRRMC). Korean participants in the session where he presented this paper shared experience and lessons from similar oil spill experience  in Korea. The conference was a good venue for researchers and scientists to learn from each other and explore potential collaborative work in the future.

Travel expenses and support  for Dr. Subade’s participation was provided by the UP System Research Dissemination Grant.