RDG Conference Report of Rowena DT. Baconguis

Write up about the Conference

ASIALICS is an association of scholars, practitioners and policy makers who are interested in exploring, learning, innovation and competence building to stimulate knowledge based strategies to fuel development in Asia. This years’ theme “Convergence, Innovation and Creative Economy”, puts premium on innovation systems, management of innovations, technological, social, industry, governance and policy innovation systems. The conference is hosted by different countries every year. with the Philippines as host last 2013.

Feedback on paper presented

I received positive feedback both from the Session Technical Chair and the members of the audience who were interested in the roles farmers and civil organizations played in establishing collaboration with the government and the private sector.

Future directions of research presented

A future study on the income of farmers and interviews of consumers of organic products is expected to be studied.

Potential foreign collaborators

There had been initial discussions with Dr. Pauline Sullivan, Associate Professor from the University of Texas who is interested in doing a consumer study on organic products. I have initially sent her a copy of the paper so we can further discuss the expansion of the Philippine study.

Other important contacts and insights

The conference provides various insights of researches that could be conducted as there were many interesting paper presentations.

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

The conference was a good opportunity to link with scholars, practitioners and government officials from different Asian countries. It was an occasion to share notes and learn from innovative experiences of colleagues. While Korean scholars focused mainly on firm and industrial innovations and management and business innovations, other countries presented innovations in education, poverty alleviation strategies and policies. My paper on mainstreaming organic agriculture is an example of government policy innovations as it is analyzed the contribution of government policies in the successful collaboration among farmers, civil organizations, private sector and the government.