RDG Conference Report of Sonia M. Pascua

Write up about the Conference

As observe the conference was a delegation of mostly PhD’s in the field of IT education where studies and research were categorically of cutting edge instructional technology  research and with realistic integration application. Most of the paper presentations in the conference talked about pedagogy in IT teacher education. Some of them are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teacher induction and professional support, technology-integrated classroom and the pre-service involve among teachers, assistive technology, media booking and 3D  printing, teaching technology engaging  students through 21st century learning, technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) and a lot more. While participants from western countries are concentrating on studies for the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning, 21st century skills and core knowledge in information technology literacy, most of the studies presented from Asian countries are still battling digital divide, workforce education and new possibilities with IT.

Feedback on paper presented

A very critical observation pointed out by one of the conference participants to the research study I presented  was to further verify the infusion of information technology literacy into the curriculum by looking at the instruction of individual courses, how they are taught and what are the tools used in teaching. Probable scenario is that IT literacy is already infused or usage of applications and tools are incorporated in the training but the course description is not updated or modified, which are the only instrument used in the research methodology.

Future directions of research presented

The output of this study, Matrix of IT Curriculum in LIS Education, will be presented to the Philippines Board for Librarians as one of their references in seeking standard curriculum for library and information science education.

Potential foreign collaborators

  1. Touched based with other universities and colleagues in the field of education specifically in Information Technology.
  2. Professional visit from a Director of Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices of Longwood University, Manorama Talaiver, who is willing to conduct workshop and training on STEM in the University or in any branch of Philippine Education System like Department of Education.
  3. Possibility of research and/or study grants recipient by the association, AACE and in their hosted conferences.
  4. Possibility of UP SLIS and Philippine Association of Teachers of Library and Information Science (PATLS) to host the AACE’s SITE conferences in the future.

Other important contacts and insights

SITE Conference is one of the most awaited and most joined international conferences in the field of IT and teacher education mainly  because it provides great selection of collegiality and scholarly papers with tremendous diversity of participants. It is quoted  as one of the most supportive organizations perhaps because its officers are being invited and consulted by the Ministry of Education of the Federal Government of USA regarding information technology and education. Furthermore participants were mostly representatives or involved with their own countries civic and government organization dealing with information technology and education. Though it’s attended enormously, delegates seemed to know each other for so long and been meeting for several times as shown on how they were familiar with each other. Paper presentations were everywhere and concurrently held and one could immediately recognize how comfortably everyone shared ideas, practical advices and feedbacks, how the atmosphere was invigorating and bracing to each and everyone’s enthusiasm and eagerness. The conference had a dedicated lounge with buffet food: which is open to everyone for the entire conference and which served as common ground to all delegates. In this lounge I met colleagues from Japan – Norisuke Kozuki of Shiga University, from different States of America, Michael Reed – who also became my partner in judging the demo presentations, Bonnie – our newly elected SIG president. I met the women of Middle East Tatiana, Hana and Manorama – who invited me to visit their universities in India, Dubai anf Richmond USA. Looking forward to meeting them again and to have the same bonding we have had in SITE.

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

After Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) 25th International Conference 2014 for the first time has also been my first international conference where I was the only participant from Philippines Not only that, my paper has also been the first paper from the Philippines and from the University of the Philippines to be accepted in this prestigious conference. I really felt honored and proud to present my study because I believe I achieve a great milestone in my profession as as educator. I was amazed with the diversity of research topics presented in SITE. I realized it’s indeed one of the best ways to learn the latest about the field and meet colleagues in the practice. This has also became my great opportunity to be acknowledge and be linked to an enormous network of individuals from all over the world involved in the same area of interests as mine. I really enjoyed the company among the organizer and participants that even lead to invites by participants to their home states. As a whole this endeavor did not only let me experience new acquaintances but also an amazing trip and warm hearted accommodation form the delegates that I extremely appreciate and so very thankful about. I am so certain that this build collaborations in the future and forever friendships.