RDG Conference Report of Tina S. Clemente

Write up about the Conference

The international conference was a venue for the exchange  of ideas on critical transformation that impact the rethinking of Asian multidimensional identity conceptualization. Paper presentations dealt with various aspects of society, economy, politics and culture  in both historical and contemporary frames. The scholarly approaches were both interdisciplinary as well as disciplinary –casting a wide net across the social sciences, humanities and professional programs. Aside from the paper presentations, the conference was also enriched with other activities such as exhibits, film viewing  and performance.

Feedback on paper presented

The feedback on the paper was very positive in regard to content, publication possibilities and contribution to scholarship. For instance, Professor Tomomi Ermoto from Queens College, City University of New York invited me to consider joining her edited book project for Palgrave. The project focuses on the multidimensionality of “borders.” We are currently corresponding on that possibility.

Future directions of research presented

I am considering two options. The first option is to revise it to conform to the book project of Prof. Tomomi Emoto. The second option is to revise the article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Potential foreign collaborators

While I will be the sole author of the article, potential collaborators are the co-contributors in the Palgrave book project and academics I will consult if I decide to send the article to a peer-reviewed journal.

Other important contacts and insights

There is so much potential for UP to position itself as the authority abroad when it comes to Philippine Studies and studies on “Philippines in Asia.”

Short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

This write-up was also posted on the Asian Center website: http:ac.upd.edu.ph/index.php/resources/news-announcements/493-chinese-commerce-in-spanish-philippines-dr-tina-clemente-takes-part-in-asian-studies-conference-in-new-york

Dr. Tina Clemente, Assistant Professor at the Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman, participated during the 2014 International Conference on “Asia Transforming: Old Values and New Presences” which was held at Hoftsra University, Long Island, New York from 18- 20 September 2014.

Dr. Clemente presented a paper, “Chinese Commercial Success in Spanish Philippines:Insights for Economic History,” which gives a more textured analysis of the success of Chinese success in the country. She underscores the importance of the implications of the institutional environment on strategies for economic exchange. Dr. Clemente elucidates the dynamics of empire and the new exchange environment of a predatory colonial administration amidst the altered institutional structure of proto-historical trade between Chinese and early Filipinos. Furthermore, Dr. Clemente points out that “the very concept of success has remained amorphous for most of the Spanish colonial era” and explores indicators of Chinese trader success, drawing significant insights for Philippine economic history.

Dr. Clemente also moderated a panel “Colonial Vietnam and the Philippines (Border Crossing)” in one of the conference sessions. The conference was jointly organized by the Hoftsra Cultural Center, The New York Conference on Asian Studies, and The Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies.