Recent UP Publications

Differential regulation of skeletal stem/progenitor cells in distinct skeletal compartments

Jea Giezl N. Solidum, Youngjae Jeong, Francisco Heralde III, and Dongsu Park

Lastly, we look into how aging influences the regenerative capacity of SSPCs. Understanding these regulatory differences can open new avenues for the discovery of novel treatment approaches for calvarial or long bone repair.

Feeling like a philosopher of education: A collective response to Jackson’s ‘The smiling philosopher’

Liz Jackson, Nuraan Davids, Winston C. Thompson, Jessica Lussier, Nicholas C. Burbules, Kal Alston, Stephen Chatelier, Krissah Marga B. Taganas, Olivia S. Mendoza, Jason Lin Cong, Addyson Frattura & Anonymous and P. Taylor Webb

The article “Feeling like a philosopher of education: A collective response to Jackson’s ‘The smiling philosopher” (2022) aimed at responding to philosopher Liz Jackson’s earlier work, “The Smiling Philosopher: Emotional Labor, Gender, and Harassment in Conference Spaces” (2019). Philosophers from various institutions, gender, culture, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, and family background wrote about how our […]

The Provincial Chinese and the Progress of Iloilo Textile in Nineteenth-Century Philippines

Randy M. Madrid

Textiles played a significant role in Philippine economic history. In this study, archival materials and records have shown that the provincial Chinese at the port-city of Iloilo located in Central Philippines, has contributed a great deal in the progress of the textile trade during the nineteenth century. The promising textile trade, which started as an […]

Protective effects of sugarcane phenolic extract against lipid oxidative damages in raw ground pork and beef during refrigerated storage conditions

Nico G. Dumandan and Sheryl Lozel B. Arreola 

Sugarcane phenolic extract is a by-product of the sugar refining process that is rich in phenolic compounds with strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are widely used in meat and meat products as an additive to preserve its quality from oxidative degradation during storage and processing. Oftentimes, synthetic additives such as BHA/BHT are commonly added in food […]